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More About NuttZo

I love being an entrepreneur. I’m a realistic dreamer– I dream big and believe there’s a way to make it a reality. I never take “no” for an absolute answer because I’ve worked in sales for more than 15 years and have heard lots of “nos” before the desired “yes.” I do take calculated risks by following my intuition. I have an innate obsession for living life to the fullest and trying to make a difference in the world. Lucky for me, I married someone with my same passion and traits and this is why my husband and I started Project Left Behind.
I’ve always had the longing to own a business. I believe you must have an entrepreneurial spirit to be a successful salesperson. I’ve also had fervor for food and cooking since I was five years old. To this day, I never follow a recipe completely; I always add my own variation to it.   Combine this love of food with fitness and nutrition, which have been an integral part of my life since I was 17, and it seems I was destined to own a natural food company.

When my husband and I adopted two beautiful boys from the Ukraine who were vitamin deficient, I became extremely focused on preparing creative, flavorful, super-nutritious foods for them. NuttZo is one of my favorite creations.

One of the greatest things that happens to me these days is having new customers send me emails because they’ve tried NuttZo and are just going crazy over its amazing taste! Love that.

Some of the best advice I’ve ever received from a mentor is to work smart. If you work and get burnt out, you lose. I set aside one hour a day for working out. I know my body and I need that time to re-energize; I call it my boardroom meeting with me, myself, and I. You’d be surprised by what great ideas come out of it.

I have very thin margins, as most small manufacturing companies do. It’s very hard to compete with big manufacturers. If you want to continue to get unique and high quality items, please help all the small manufacturing companies by telling your friends about their fabulous products. We couldn’t be successful without the help of our avid NuttZo fans. Thank you! Eat NuttZo. Your body will thank you!

Thanks for your support!
Warm regards,