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More About HyperIce

In 2010, Hyperice set out to create the world's first high performance portable ice compression device. The Hyperice design team collaborated with engineers at Marton Precision Inc, an Orange County based aerospace manufacturing company. This combination of innovative design and cutting edge engineering produced the technology that is at the core of Hyperice and our products.

After a year of testing our products on some of the world's best athletes and fine tuning the products to fit their needs, we continue to improve our designs with the aim of perfecting the world's finest line of ice compression gear.

In 2011, Hyperice was in phase 2 : product testing, modification, and fine tuning. Rather than release its first generation product to the market, the Hyperice team collaborated with some of the world's best athletes and trainers to test the products and gather feedback that would be used to improve the design and functionality of the products. Knowing that these world class athletes would hold us to the highest standards of performance, we modified and adapted our product designs to meet the demands of the athletes and trainers who used our products on a daily basis. After several iterations, our second generation product line started making its way into the hands of more athletes and training rooms around the world.

In 2012, Hyperice will launch world wide and make our product line available to the masses- the same product line used by some of the world's best athletes. We will continue to explore new ways to improve our product line as well as develop new products that will help enhance athletic performance by providing athletes with new tools to help their recovery. We hope our products will provide you the best possible user experience and improve the treatment of your body so you can maintain a healthy and active lifestyle.