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We’re Live Well Brands. We’re the ones who make Aloe Cadabra. How come? Interestingly enough, it's because one of our founders found herself facing the problem that many women today are facing. Sex wasn't as pleasurable as it once was. And when she went looking for a lubricant that she felt would be kind to her body, she found the market lacking. So, she did what any woman who cared about what went into her body would do. She figured out what would work better. And then, made it. The result was magic. At least she thought so. As did her husband. Which is why it's called Aloe Cadabra. Some think the name's kind of silly. Until, at least, they try it. Click on my magic moment and see some of their testimonials for yourself. As we like to say, you’re never too old to stop believing in magic.