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More About Ananda's Shantea

We at Shantea are a group of longtime friends; Acupuncturists, Yoga Instructors, Teachers and Holistic Dietary Experts, dedicated to living a life that is based on truth, kindness, discovery, humility, and health.

Shantea grew out of our love of tea and the atmosphere it can create. It was after meals while we were drinking tea that we had the chance to connect and be together. We discovered that for us tea is the “new wine”. All of us at Shantea have a yoga and meditation practice that is our source of inspiration, so we decided to develop teas and infusions that support our lifestyle.

We began by doing research into the healing effects of teas from all over the world. We have traveled to India, Nepal, Thailand, South Africa, Egypt, Turkey, China and Japan, Europe and South America.

Based on our findings, our herbal knowledge, and lots of experimentation, we developed tasteful and healthful teas and infusions that support wellness. We use only the finest organic ingredients, USDA certified, and are committed to bringing you these unique specially blended teas and infusions that work to gently unlock the healing power
of your body.

We hope you try our organic tea blends, and find the ones that suit your needs. Please enjoy them with your friends or as you relax and connect with yourself. We would truly love it if Shantea could bring you a sense of stillness and peace.