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More About ColorKitchen

Our mission at ColorKitchen is to see the end of artificial coloring in the foods we eat. Artificial coloring has been linked to ADHD in children, as well as allergic sensitivities. Our products were developed to offer a natural alternative to synthetic colors, with vibrant and beautiful plant-based options that decorate and color food safely. We want to bring you products that you can feel good about, products that are affordable, fun, and easy to use.

Located in Bend, Oregon, just east of the Cascade Mountains, ColorKitchen is a small business, created and run by women. We experiment with recipes in our test kitchen, trying out products and making tasty treats, sometimes with less than perfect results!

We bake, we test and we taste, and nothing goes to waste. The overflow from ColorKitchen is blended into Glob Colors, our signature line of natural arts & crafts paints for kids.