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About Pro Nutra Pro Nutra represents a premier, high-end, diet and energy line built exclusively on meticulous planning and engineered ingredients. Incorporating health, better living and targeted performance goals, ProNutra is a fast paced, doctor reviewed, doctor recommended brand. Built on strong research and high-end ingredients delivered in extremely cutting-edge formulas, Pro-Nutra markets the "Look Better, Feel Better - NOW" approach. Pro-Nutra is a GNC Exclusive brand, distributed only in GNC stores and online at With an aggressive branding of a wellness-based, sports performance targeted audience, Pro-Nutra relies on the intelligence of the consumer, the "know how" of the retailer, and the ingenuity of its own device. We deliver "Look Better, Feel Better - NOW" formulas in an all NEW performance activity based setting. Pro-Nutra is the Premier Wellness Performance Brand available anywhere today.