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More About The Amazing Whip-It

THE Amazing Whip- It has a remarkable story. Our roots date back to 1931 when the original recipe was formulated by R.C. Douglas, owner and operator of one of the very first commercial cleaning companies in the United States, R.C. Douglas & Co.  Starting from humble beginnings, Douglas was more of a master chemist than a traditional salesman. His passion for chemistry was evident as he spent countless hours concocting all types of cleaning agents, from saddle cleaner to the everyday kitchen cleaner.

In the 30’s there were no gimmicky gadgets to steam out your stains, or oxygen cleaners to try to deliver promises. Sadly, the reality is that nobody was really concerned about earth friendly cleaning. As an environmental enthusiast, he thought it important to use high quality, raw, organic, ingredients such as eucalyptus, pines, lemons, oranges, and essential oils to create a line of proprietary soaps, oils, disinfectants & cleaners that were adored within his community.

50 years later his grandson, John Watson, avid sports fisherman, was disappointed by all of the toxic "marine specific" cleaners on the market and decided to take over where his elder left off.  Starting with his grandfather's original recipe, he set out to formulate the most POWERFUL, natural based multi-purpose cleaner on the market, one that could tackle the most serious stains, but remain safe enough for the human touch and the environment. After a  year in development, WHIP-IT was born.  

WHIP-IT quickly gathered mass popularity and recognition as the ultimate cleaning solution within the boating community and upon the recommendation of its devout following; WHIP-IT has since been TESTED FOR HUNDREDS of uses. The results have been nothing less than extraordinary! Until 2010, access to this remarkable product had been limited for commercial use, but now it's available to all!