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More About Big Tree Farms

The current history of Big Tree Farms is charmed with adventures and jaw dropping tales that will one day find their way into a book.  Or perhaps even a movie.  From Ben and Blairs hair raising adventures across Australia and Indonesia to Fredericks rampant exploration through Central and South America, the stage of  Big Tree Farms is a fusing of synergetic passions and a relentless quest for food fun, culminating in a company that continues to push the boundaries of how the food industry conducts business. 

Big Tree Farms is run by co-ceos & owners Ben Ripple and Frederick Schilling, who came together in a serendipitous meeting that was foretold by an industry associate, just moments before it happened.  Twilight Zone style.  No joke. From that day, it was clear that the two were to join forces and make Big Tree Farms what it is today; one of the most respected vertically integrated food companies, serving our 9,000+ farmer partners and millions of customers worldwide, each with zealous passion and sincerity.