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More About Bamboobies

Bamboobies were born out of necessity - 'the mother of invention!' After breastfeeding for a few months, I was still leaking sometimes... I even leaked through the thick washable cotton pads. I was tired of looking like I had round targets on my chest where the pads showed through my shirt. Disposables also showed wrinkles and just created too much trash. And disposables get very expensive! So one day I decided, just because it was handy, to stuff a washable diaper wipe into my bra - it felt great, but it looked funny and was far from perfect. It was made of organic bamboo velour so it was deliciously soft and wicked and absorbed like a great pad should. I'd never felt anything so soft! A year into product development and prototyping with different fabrics and designs, we have settled on a couple of unique breast pad designs that mothers love.