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More About Sergeant's Pet Care

Sergeant's Pet Care Products is one of America's oldest and most respected manufacturers and marketers of pet supplies. A brand icon for more than 100 years, Sergeant's has earned the trust of pet lovers and is now one of the most widely recognized brand names in the pet supplies industry. Founded in 1868 in Richmond, Virginia, Sergeant's has been based in Omaha, Nebraska since 1989.

What's In A Name?
In over 140 years, Sergeant's has grown from one man's dedication to his own pets to become the best-loved brand of pet care products in America. Here's how it happened. Their roots go all the way back to Polk Miller, a pharmacist and pet lover who started by formulating health care products for his own dogs in 1868. When Mr. Miller began to sell the products from his drug store, he named them after his favorite dog, Sergeant.

From flea and tick remedies to natural pet care products, toys and more, Sergeant's is the leader in helping pets and their owners make life healthier, happier and more entertaining! Today, with hundreds of innovative products available, Sergeant's continues their commitment to enriching human-pet relationship and the lives of pets by providing exciting, effective pet care products and services.