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More About Rise-N-Shine

About Rise-N-Shine:
Cathy Beggan, Founder of nutritional supplement company, Rise-N-Shine, has been in business since 2006 on top of being a single full-time Mom for three children. Beggan, being a stay at home, single mother of three children, started Rise-N-Shine while going through a divorce to support and sustain her family. Rise-N-Shine was founded on the basis of meeting every day needs naturally, and for the past four years Beggan’s groundbreaking products have been helping masses of people worldwide.
In 2007, Rise-N-Shine remained in a recession-proof bubble, with growth increasing over 900%, in a very unstable economy. The minority/woman owned business has developed fifteen all natural supplements for daily problems.

The idea for Rise-N-Shine was derived from Cathy Beggan, who took a basic complaint and turned it into a fully functioning supplement. Wake Up On Time, the first in the now fifteen all-natural supplements was created by Beggan out of personal experience. She had trouble waking up every morning, and noticed that nearly everyone else she spoke with shared the same problem. Set out to conquer the problem-Cathy, being an advocate of all things natural-pooled her knowledge with experts in the field and thus discovered a delayed release capsule. Wake Up On Time is a special time released capsule taken before bedtime and within six to eight hours the body awakens naturally, feeling refreshed and alert. It easily replaces a cup of coffee in the morning!