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More About Solid Gold

Solid Gold Health Products For Pets, Inc., has been a pioneer of natural, holistic animal nutrition since 1974. We now have a line of nine dry dog and cat foods, including our new high protein, low carbohydrate dry dog food, Barking at the Moon™. We also have a line of canned dog and cat foods as well as nutritional supplements, treats, and topical products.

All our dry and canned dog and cat foods are wheat, corn, and soy free. We use healthy oils packed with omega fatty acids such as canola oil and salmon oil. Over the years we have updated our formulas as new nutritional research has become available. For instance, a few years ago we added taurine to all our dry dog foods to help protect against dilated cardiomyopathy.

Solid Gold is also an industry leader in the use of revolutionary foil “barrier” packaging for all our dry food products, which means we don't have to use chemical preservatives or flavor enhancers. Barrier packaging keeps food fresher longer, maintains palatability, and helps to sustain the potency of valuable vitamins and other nutrients, which may deplete over time with conventional paper bags.