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More About Lavera

Truly natural cosmetics, not just another pretty tube in the bathroom! It's a serious business making sure you and your family are safe from potentially harmful ingredients that pervade the majority of personal care products! To make sure we keep ourselves up to the task, we subject our contents and production processes to the ultimate in independent scrutiny. You may not have heard about the strict guidelines for the Certified Natural Cosmetics set by BDIH set by BDIH in Germany, but it's the toughest certification process anywhere in the world for making sure our products are natural and organic.

Highly awarded from independent institutions in Europe!
Lavera was ranked #1 in a study on safe cosmetics conducted by Oeko-Test Magazine, an influential consumer advocacy magazine in Germany, beating out 32 natural and mainstream manufacturers. In addition, Lavera has received more than 150 Oeko-test awards in the category "Recommended / Very Good", more than any other manufacturer of cosmetics! The tests done by independent institutions and judges and the resulting awards prove our commitment to highest quality.

Reveal your natural beauty in 2012 with Lavera's Trend Cosmetics!
Lavera provides truly natural cosmetics with proven effectiveness and designed for sensitive eyes and skin. In 2009, the FDA found lead in all 20 lipsticks it tested. Lavera takes special care to ensure such contaminants don't make their way into our cosmetics and skincare.

We never stand still in seeking the best care and protection for your skin.
Lavera was the first manufacturer to provide 100% mineral based Sun protection. We received the "Innovation Prize of the Year" award in Europe at the Biofach — the largest natural product expo worldwide — several years in a row.