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More About Meltzer's

Welcome to Meltzer's, makers of the finest quality Pastilles - all natural, Puremints that are more than a candy. Meltzer's has taken natural mints to a whole new level by creating true, beneficial pastilles with real herbs and pure mint oils not just flavors or flavor-like substitutes. The taste is clean, pure and delicious. We're proud to offer our Meltzer's Puremints pastilles in four exciting flavors: cool peppermints (organic), spicy ginger mints, DGL Licorice mints and refreshing Spearmints. We use the finest quality herbs and pure mints oils - pure peppermint oil, pure spearmint oil, real ginger root, and real licorice root. Meltzer's intense and delicious Puremints pastilles are absolutely all natural and vegetarian, with no preservatives, artificial flavors, sweeteners or colors. Meltzer's all natural Puremints also contain beneficial and organic herbs, such as parsley, chlorella, chamomile, and ginseng, that have been used for centuries as natural support for heath and digestion. Try Meltzer's Puremints to experience true and pure mint oil.