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More About Jer's

Jer's chocolates (the chocolates, not the company) started as a gift.

Rewind to Jer’s college years: on a study break Jer created a unique peanut butter ball covered in rich milk chocolate. These "Balls," as they became affectionately called, were a hit. Friends insisted Jer make them again the following year, and the year after that.

After graduating from college, Jer accepted a position with IBM and quickly became a top sales person and sales manager. From there, Jer moved to San Diego and led two local firms to success. By this time, Jer had really hit his stride, rising through the ranks to Executive Vice President. But Jer's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for creating those delicious chocolate continued to be part of life.

Then, after years of going to work, Jer decided to go into business.

Jer's Chocolates (the company, not the chocolates) started as a dream. Jer simply wanted to combine community service, business smarts, and those amazing chocolates into a company with purpose and passion.

Just one year after founding Jer's Chocolates, Jer's "Original IncrediBall" was awarded the Silver Cup Award for "Best First Time Confection" at the International Confectioner's Conference in Boston. This was the first of four awards at this prestigious conference.

Jer's entire collection of 11 gourmet peanut butter confection including: the Original IncrediBall, Pretzo Change-O, Cara Mella and Toffee Break are all award-winning. After that, the momentum and attention started to really pick up. Soon, there was no denying it: Jer's Balls were definitely on a roll.

With a solid foundation, a philanthropic mission, and a commitment to quality, Jer's Chocolates has become a successful company with a simple goal: produce delicious, unique, high-quality products that create a happy experience and make people feel good!