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More About Seabuck Wonders

SeabuckWonders, a division of Balanceuticals Group, Inc., is a company with over 15 years of experience producing the highest quality Sea Buckthorn Oils known in the world. Since introducing their products to the United States back in 1994, the company, under the direction of Xingwu Liu, renowned Cultural Anthropology Professor, has maintained its excellence by using only pure Himalayan, wild-grown, handpicked Sea Buckthorn.

After extensive search and experimenting with various sources, we have decided to use the best seabuckthorn from the Tibetan Plateau for our expanding SeabuckWonder line. There, drastic topographical changes during the last two millions years, high altitude, strong ultraviolet radiation, severe cold, scorching heat, dry and barren soil, etc, have equipped sea buckthorn with extraordinary bio-defense mechanism with so much life-giving nutrients and health factors. The local green environment makes our sea buckthorn oils amazingly pure. Its essential amino acids and Vitamin E content are higher than other varieties.