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A New Kind of Single Serve Coffee: Convenience with a Conscience

Single serve coffee is the fastest growing segment in the coffee market today. Even though the consumer gets a high quality, cost-effective cup of gourmet drip coffee, many have voiced stark criticism about the blind eye that is being turned toward the environmental impact of the trend. Keurig, owned by Green Mountain Coffee, is the driving force behind this burgeoning market segment. This year alone over 5 billion Keurig K-Cups will be sold, used and then discarded by consumers. Most of those non-biodegradable plastic-and-foil K-Cups will end up in our landfills.

Eko Brands, LLC is a Seattle based company determined to be ecologically responsible in the single-serve coffee segment. Because of this conviction, the Ekobrew, a reusable filter for use with Keurig single cup coffee brewing devices, was born.

Eko Brands, LLC was created by businesspeople with over 22 years in the coffee industry. Eko Brands also produced Ekojava, a single-serve coffee packet. The packets offer a gourmet coffee alternative with a significantly reduced carbon footprint and can be used not only with most single serve brewing devices but multi-cup coffee makers/brewers as well.

At Eko Brands we don’t care if consumers use our Ekojava coffee packets or their own favorite coffee in the Ekobrew unit. By design and intent, both Ekobrew and Ekojava are viable as stand alone products. The main thrust of both products is to reduce the environmental impact of single-serve coffee consumption without compromising convenience or quality. The future looks bright not because of our innovation at Eko Brands, but because people are increasingly aware of their daily consumption choices and are making more responsible decisions.

Eko Brands plans to introduce additional earth-friendly, single-serve products in the near future.