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More About Nutorious

Ok. So Jenny and Carrie are good people. They didn’t want to start a foodie cult or an addictive phenomenon in Carrie’s mother’s kitchen all those years ago. They just had a simple idea to create a simple nut confection with 100% flavor and zero pretention. In the face of “exotic” gourmet nut snacks, Jenny and Carrie went back to basics and began using real ingredients to infuse their now famous blends. And honesty paid off with a full line of Award Winning, Nutorious nut confections and Top-it-Off nut toppings.

Every batch of nuts is lovingly handmade by our favorite duo and is tested to their high standards for flavor, crunch and their big question. “Can you try one without finishing the bag?” If the answer is yes, then we admire your self-control. If it’s no, then view our products to find your next big flavor.