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More About Aroma Naturals

At Aroma Naturals, you'll often hear them say that it's not easy being green but it's certainly worth the effort. They're 100% committed to making sure each and every one of their candles is good for both you and the environment. It's a commitment that takes quite a bit of time, thoughtfulness and research on their part, but they think it's worth it. And as they continually strive to make the finest all-natural candles on earth, they always look to their guiding principles to light the way.

From the very beginning they gathered the purest essential oils from around the world and the most natural waxes. Then they chose highly knowledgeable aromatherapists and sought out the most creative, artisan candle makers. In order to deliver the quality that is paramount to Aroma Naturals mission, they decided that their candles needed to be hand-crafted in small batches for freshness and integrity. 20 years later, they still make them that way!