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More About BabyGanics

As childhood friends, Kevin and Keith had a history of putting their talents together and dreaming big. So years later, none of their friends were surprised when Kevin and Keith joined forces to create Babyganics.

When Kevin and Keith each started families of their own, they found that they shared a “grown up” mission: to help parents like themselves create a baby-safe world. They’d do this by creating a world of products made to go wherever babies go (pretty much everywhere). Because exploring and discovering is a baby’s full time job. Every parent’s job is to make it safe for babies to do theirs. It’s the best way to make sure they fully develop and thrive. They had a lot of ideas, but mainly listened to what other parents –and their brilliant wives- were asking for. “How about skincare safe enough for my baby’s skin?” “Can sun protection really work and be baby sensitive?” “Hey, how about dish soap that actually cuts the grease, rinses clean, and isn’t toxic?” These questions inspired Kevin and Keith to come up with new products that answered, “Yes!”
But Kevin and Keith didn’t do it alone. They gathered a family of like-minded, big-hearted people to make their mission come true. Meet the Babyganics family. They’re the people who turn ideas into reality. Here’s what they never, ever forget: the next generation of fantastic people, the people who will change their world, are crawling on the floor and splashing in the tub today. Babyganics does their part to help parents make baby-safe homes so these babies can happily thrive... that’s what gets them out of bed in the morning. Well, that and the kids.