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Dogs are great, aren't they?

We've all heard stories of dogs doing miraculous things, but it's the everyday kind of greatness we'd like to recognize. Who in your family comes running to the door to greet you? Who comes up and snuggles you when you're feeling down? Who takes you on walks so you stay in shape?

Your dog, of course.

We believe this greatness should be rewarded with the best. That's why we've created truly high-quality, dog chews and treats. We call them True Chews™ dog chews and treats. They're honest-to-goodness 100% natural products because they're made from 100% natural ingredients. And you will never find rawhide or fillers in any of our products. What you will find is farm-raised chicken, beef and pork, slowly roasted and American-made with just the right amount of natural hardwood smoke flavor your dog will love. It's as simple and delicious as that.

And these fine products are made in a place that's just as great as your dog — Independence, Iowa. Surrounded by rural farmlands, rolling hills, sprawling green fields and the Wapsipinicon River (locally known as the Wapsi), we believe there isn't a more perfect place in America to create wholesome, 100% natural chews and treats. Independence's pastoral landscape is just one of the reasons it's the perfect place to make True Chews™ products. It also happens to be home to a group of folks who have a great depth of knowledge about quality and safety. They've applied this expertise to True Chews™ dog chews and treats, testing every genuine, oven-baked batch before they're packaged and shipped.

What all this means is that you can be confident that True Chews™ dog chews and treats are of the highest quality. You can also be sure that True Chews™ products are cooked with the kind of loving care that you won't find anyplace else. As your dog is true to you, be true to your dog. True Chews™ 100% Natural Dog Chews and Treats.