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More About Dingo

At Dingo Brands, we live by a few rules inspired by the selfless nature of the dogs we serve. Behold the Golden Rules of Dingo:

  1. The Golden Rule doesn’t just apply to people. Treat your dog as you would treat yourself.
  2. The customer dog is always right! If your dog does not chew a Dingo Bone completely or if a Dingo Brand chew treat doesn’t last significantly longer than a plain rawhide bone, just mail us back the soggy, smelly, half-eaten chew and we will refund your money. Just kidding! We will gladly replace any damaged or defective product.
  3. Remember that Dingos are treats. And like you tell your human kids, treats are a “sometimes” food. Give your dog Dingo chew treats as snacks and rewards, part of a balanced diet that includes the dog food your vet recommends.
  4. You don’t want to gnaw on cardboard or eat plastic … why would your dog? Dingo Brand rawhide chews with real meat in the middle satisfy your dog’s instinctual needs to chew, while enticing him with a tasty treat. Our patented formula makes us the only rawhide chew on the market with this special one-two punch to the taste buds.
  5. Keep it clean! Your dog’s safety is our top priority. The Dingo Bone creators worked closely with the USDA Veterinary Department in establishing the most stringent standards for manufacturing and sterilization. No other rawhide product receives a greater amount of sterilizing heat treatments than Dingo.
  6. A Dingo-A-Day Keeps the Dentist Away. Dogs need to chew to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Dingo Bones provide excellent teeth cleaning and gum conditioning. You can always spot a Dingo Dog by its smile and a healthy dog is a happy dog.