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More About The Healing Tree

The Healing Tree

They are 'The Healing Tree Online Store' an extension of their Apothecary & Tea Bar. Their vision is to create a warm, calming and healing environment for their customers in the community to unwind and shop for herbs, teas and natural health products to nourish and heal their bodies, minds and spirits.

Their mission is to promote awareness of healing through the use of quality herbs, teas and natural health products from around the world for the body, mind and spirit.

Since the day they opened their doors on February 18, 2006 they have consistently received rave reviews from their top local and area magazines and newspapers including Your Health Connections Magazine, 805 Living Magazine and The Acorn, Thousand Oaks Acorn & The Star for their commitment to serving their customers in their local commmunities. Now a year later, they are again ready to make another commitment to serve a greater number of people with their Online Store. They hope you enjoy shopping with us.

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