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More About Santevia

A Journey to Wellness
David and Yvonne Anderson set out on a quest for renewed health and discovered an exciting new business opportunity with Santevia Water Systems.

The journey began when David, after months of a deep, persistent cough, was diagnosed with acid reflux. His doctor recommended a pharmaceutical drug and told David that he would be on this medication for the rest of his life. Yvonne, a kinesiology graduate, didn't like the idea of a 'drugs for life' solution and started to look for alternatives. This led to research in blood chemistry and an understanding of the role of pH in the body. Yvonne discovered the importance of maintaining the pH balance in your body at 7.38. The pH in your body fluids can affect every other cell in your body and continued imbalance can lead to serious health problems like David's acid reflux.

After a number of twists and turns the Andersons found their way to an Eastern solution - Santevia Water Systems. Santevia transforms ordinary tap water into clean, clear, mineralized drinking water, using Japanese technology. The eight stage Santevia water process brings clear, fresh mountain taste to every glass of water with a pH of over 8.0 - what a find! The water is purified by natural ceramics, infused with essential minerals and invigorated by magnetic energy. Regular tap water is transformed into clean, alkaline water at a lower cost than any other common filter system. More than a water filter, the Santevia Water Process adjusts water's pH to mildly alkaline by reintroducing minerals that promote ionization and oxygenation - helping your body maintain its active equilibrium. The Andersons knew this was the right product at the right time and their import company, Wellness Warehouse Inc. decided to make this affordable, environmentally friendly, pH controlled water system available to retailers.

The most important thing for the Andersons in this journey is that after a few months of drinking alkaline water David stopped taking his reflux medication and his persistent cough did not return - drug free at last. A pH balanced body is crucial to your good health.