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More About Nature's Artifacts

Nature’s Artifacts was established in 2004 & founded on the principle of sourcing & manufacturing products beneficial for overall health & well-being, for home décor & natural gift items. The prime focus is keeping environmental & social interests at the heart of our business.

We strongly believe in:

  • Fair Trade practices (working with suppliers that treat their employees with dignity & respect);
  • Eco-friendly, socially responsible manufacturing;
  • Consumer-friendly products

We are a truly global company, offering a range of products which exhibit the craftsmanship and uniqueness of skilled artists throughout the world, working with craftsmen from Pakistan, Brazil, China, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Mexico and India. Our main and leading constituent in our health and well-being product range is Himalayan Salt. At Nature’s Artifacts, we manufacture our own unique line of Himalayan Salt products, such as lamps, massage and healing products, spa products and kitchenware.