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More About Just Tomatoes, Etc!

The Just Tomatoes, Etc! specialty food company sits amidst the Cox family farm in Westley, CA. Bill Cox is a fourth generation farmer working in the fertile farmlands of California's Central Valley. Bill and Karen combined their knowledge of farming and desire to eat natural and nutritious foods to form Just Tomatoes, Etc! in 1985, which then offered only dehydrated tomatoes.

In an effort to keep up with the growing trend towards more healthful eating, Just Tomatoes, Etc! has increased its product offerings to include freeze-dried fruits and vegetables, both organic and conventional, that are of the highest quality and grade. These are all natural and absolutely nothing is added during the dehydrating and freeze-drying processes: No salt, no sweeteners, no fat, no preservatives, no sulfur... All items are just what they say they are, with only the water removed.

Just Tomatoes, Etc! all natural products are the next best thing to eating out of your garden!