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More About Lumiram

Lumiram Electric Corporation has been the leading manufacturer of full spectrum natural lighting products since it first opened its doors in Europe in 1959 and is the original maker of Neodymium glass light sources.  Inspired by studies of Scandinavian doctors who started using special light bulbs to help detect skin abnormalities in their patients, Lumiram’s founder, Jacques Ram brought the technology to the United States and quickly became known for producing high quality lighting products that reduced the yellow emission of the spectrum. This reduction in yellow overtones resulted in being able to see brighter and more vibrant colors, allowing even people with poor vision to see things more clearly and with better detail. Today the company which is now located in Larchmont, NY has perfected its technology and has expanded its product line to include state of the art high color rendering fluorescent lamps, full spectrum CFLs, halogen lamps, Metal halide and recently LEDs. Corinne Ram Blanchard, lighting engineer and designer who has been active with the company since its early beginning, is lumiram's current CEO and President.