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Prepara products, are priced competitively (like VWs) but drive like luxury BMWs. And their design team never settles. Every new prototype undergoes rigorous breakfast table debate-both at home and in the office kitchen. If it makes it through to the evening meal, there's a good chance we'll try producing it. Prepara's goal is yours-to cook well and love doing it. Prepara's tools are sleek enough to use for company, while guests sip a glass of wine and watch you make grilled garlic crostini or a simple Sunday chicken. The products save so much time, you can have the kitchen cleaned up and the cappuccino made before your favorite TV show starts-all while enjoying the perks (both economical and healthwise) of dining at home. Prepara hopes you enjoy their new line of products, and they welcome your feedback. Prepara promises to talk about it over breakfast.