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More About Jengimiel

JENGIMIEL is a nice syrup with an exotic flavor, and it is comprised by two unsurpassable natural products which are: THE GINGER and THE HONEY, adjuvant in the throat diseases mostly caused by not well cured flues, excessive use of the voice, cigarettes, asthma, cough, etc. It improves the digestion process, helps the expulsion of gases and prevents bad breath (halitosis). JENGIMIEL has become into an inseparable friend for all those persons whose work tool is the voice, such as: singers, presenters, commentators, professors, etc. JENGIMIEL concentrates in a sole product all the curative advantages of its natural components mentioned above, about which many books have been written. However, we intended to synthesize them as much as we could, in order to being able to describe them in this material.