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More About Brush Creek Organic Foods

It all started with three brothers, as different as brothers can be: Richard is the dreamer and a self-proclaimed health-nut, with a desire to help people. Stan is the businessman who can accomplish almost anything he sets his mind to. And Les is the scientist, a veterinarian in practice for over thirty five years.

Richard was the first to fall in love with flaxseed and what it can do, and he fell hard. “This is the HEALTHIEST FOOD on the PLANET!” became his battlecry. But without funds and business expertise, he needed help. Along came his niece Suzanne, who shared his interest in health foods and nutrition, and after 8 months of research she became familiar with the real benefits of flaxseed. Then Suzanne found Jim, the North Dakota farmer who stands behind Brush Creek's flaxseed.

When Les tried flaxseed, to his amazement his hyper sensitive hands, tender from the rigorous washing required by his veterinary work, began to heal. After years of trying prescribed creams to no avail, Les could once again put his hands in his pockets without pain. Another flaxseed advocate was born.

The next step was to convince Stan, which was no easy task! However, being the experienced businessman that he is, Stan examined the facts and they added up: a product that delivers on its promises, organic certification by the FVO, and a farmer whose quality control exceeds required standards. Stan evaluated all this and agreed to oversee what became Brush Creek Organic Foods.

Nothing makes us happier than knowing that Richard's dream is a reality today. The Brush Creek family stands behind every package of our flaxseed, and we are proud to welcome you to Brush Creek –Where health comes first!