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More About Udi's

Several years ago, Udi's Certified Master Baker, Chadwick White was asked by a friend with celiac disease to create good-tasting gluten-free bread. Unimpressed with what was on the market, White was determined to create superior gluten-free bread solely for Udi's.

Inspired, White and his team of skilled bakers used their craft, applied artisan baking techniques and ultimately created the secret recipe for Udi's Gluten Free Foods.

With freshly baked loaves in hand, they presented the soft and moist gluten-free bread to Udi and business partners. Upon first bite, the team was convinced White had successfully combined the perfect ingredients for what is now known as our signature white sandwich bread.

Soon after, the team reached out to a local celiac chapter and invited members to sample the freshly baked gluten-free bread. Words cannot describe the positive reactions achieve that day - people jumped for joy while others were moved to tears.

Thanks to that celiac meeting and the outpouring support and demand from the local gluten-free community, King Soopers in Denver and Whole Foods Rocky Mountain Division put Udi’s Gluten Free Foods on their shelves. Currently, Udi’s Gluten Free is in more than 500 stores nationwide, in 36 states, including Hawaii.

It’s amazing to hear the stories and impact Udi’s Gluten Free has had on the lives of people across the country. We invite you to sit down, savor and enjoy delicious baked goods again. No need to worry, we’ll bake more.