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More About USP Labs

It all started in Texas during the mid 1990’s, when then Texas A & M Nutrition student, Jacob Geissler began a comprehensive study of the world’s natural herbal compounds. Later, with the assistance of some top sports scientists, Jacob began a mission to get it right. Unhappy with current nutritional supplements, the group was searching for safe, natural compounds that would improve performance, appearance and everyday life. The discoveries were amazing. Techniques such as HPLC and Bio-Assayed Extraction revealed previously undiscovered scientific breakthroughs! The initial breakthough came when Jacob and his team discovered a natural compound, that had been used for centuries in India as part of the Arvudyic Medicinal System, Cissus Quadrangularis, was demonstrating significant relief to discomfort that many athletes, bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts were experiencing due to their aggressive training regimens. The herb was studied in great detail. Once the proper extraction method was developed to ensure the perfect product from batch to batch, The United States Patent Office issued USPLabs Patent #7,582,316 for the extraction used in SuperCissus RX! Jacob’s next mission was to assemble a team from all areas of health and physical performance. He wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best. The results have been startling. Users of USPlabs products consistently surpass personal records and develop physiques they didn’t imagine possible. Since its inception, USPlabs has released breakthrough product after breakthrough product, establishing itself as the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge dietary supplements. Those that demand the best choose USPlabs.