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More About Health Direct

A Journey to Health
In 1996, after losing over 25 pounds and dramatically changing my shape, I was urged by friends and family to make my personal health "secrets," formulas, and programs available to them and to the public. After extensive research and preparation, I launched Health Direct in April of 1996. Since then it has empowered millions of consumers worldwide in their pursuit of optimal health.

Formulated For Results
We specialize in a boutique selection of innovative anti-aging solutions to allow persons to direct their health, improve their quality of life and unlock their potential, through the power of optimal nutrition. Specifically our dietary supplements address common problems that come age including: unwanted weight gain, sluggish energy levels, joint discomfort and a host of other issues that can lower your quality of life. When you add Health Direct to your daily regimen you'll to feel a difference, not just swallow a pill.

Our team continually searches for cutting-edge nutrients we believe can help you age more gracefully. We substantiate that the purported benefits of these ingredients are backed by good science and solid evidence. Our partners carefully screen raw materials and then produce the supplements under exhaustive pharmaceutical-grade Good Manufacturing Protocols (GMPs) to ensure their potency, purity and effectiveness.  I guarantee you won't be disappointed.

Jim Caras
Founder, Health Direct