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In hopes of bringing authentic, traditional Japanese tastes to the world, Kahei Yamamoto IX (ninth) opened an office in Los Angeles, California in 1975. Realizing the importance of providing the very freshest Green Tea and Nori products, he built a U.S. production facility the following year. Experts were dispatched from Japan to guide the entire operation, from the purchasing of selected raw materials to the processing, packaging, and storage of the products. To ensure proper safety and hygiene, the plant instituted HACCP and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standards and had made every effort to provide products that customers can enjoy with confidence.

Yamamotoyama's "visionary spirit" cultivated for over 300 years had led their products to worldwide acceptance just as Green Tea and Nori received increased attention as a vital health food. Yamamotoyama treasures the name and traditional tastes developed by their ancestors, but they also seed to improve and create new products to meet the needs of each generation. Guided by their motto, "New Management for an Old Tradition", Yamamotoyama ensures that they will always be proud of the Yamamotoyama Brand.