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More About C.B. Fleet Co., Inc.

When Dr. Charles Browne Fleet founded this company, he did so with a commitment to serving his customers as individuals. Since their founding in 1869, they’ve never forgotten their heritage as a hometown, family-run business. They remain committed to the same mission and integrity their company was founded on all those years ago, and, they will never forget that the reason they’re still around is their customers.

In 1869, Dr. Charles Browne Fleet opened a small pharmacy in Lynchburg, Virginia. His goal was to provide people with easy-to-use, innovative personal health and beauty care products. Developing his own medicines, balms and salves in his storefront, it was Fleet who also invented the first laxative — and since that time, they have continued their founder’s commitment to innovation in the personal healthcare industry.

After more than 140 years in business, Fleet Laboratories now leads the personal healthcare industry, ranking among the top non-prescription drug companies in the United States, and earning the trust of consumers and healthcare professionals around the world.