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When we think of bakeries we dream of the delicious treats of childhood, of cakes and frosting, cookies and pies but for me it was awful tasting allergy cookies and heavy whole grain breads. My grandparents started one of the first health food stores (and bakery) in San Francisco. Growing up in the Health Food Industry, I was given the “weird” food to take to school by way of heavy, nutty breads and small, dry health food cookies or with carob instead of chocolate. No one wanted to trade food with me! I spent my summers in my family’s bakery, packing rice and soy cookies for people with special dietary needs. Although these dry, tasteless cookies were in high demand, they were not particularly appetizing. At a young age, I could relate to those who had to eat these “weird” foods. I imagined life with food allergies and without the joys a great chocolate chip cookie. I pondered my own enjoyment of cookies and food and contemplated what life would be like if all I could eat were the rice and soy cookies I packed everyday.