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  • health foods > Stevia Wholesome Sweeteners - stevia - 75 Packet(s) (012511946753)

    Item #: 112398
    Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Stevia is the perfect replacement for artificial sweeteners Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Stevia is great in beverages and sprinkled over cereal and fruit Organic Stevia is a multi-purpose natural sweetener that is sweeter than sugar Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Stevia is also calorie-free and low glycemic which makes it perfect for those managing calories and blood sugar ... more
  • Health Foods > Sunflower Butter Sunbutter - Sunflower Butter - sunflower seed spread natural no-stir creamy - 16 oz. (737539192905)

    Item #: 128060
    SunButter is a great tasting alternative to peanut butter A seed butter that is made in the USA from specially roasted sunflower seeds SunButter products are completely peanut-free tree-nut free and gluten-free All SunButter varieties are processed in a peanut-free and tree-nut free facility making them an excellent choice for people with peanut allergies or gluten intolerance SunButter is also a great ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Vitamin K Formulas Source Naturals - Vitamin K Formulas - vitamin k2 100 mcg. - 30 Tablets (021078019213)

    Item #: 68031
    Vitamin K1 also know as phylloquinone is found in plants Vitamin K2 called menaquinone MK) is found in animals or bacteria Vitamin K2 from Source Naturals is made from natto bacterium which contains a highly potent vitamin K2 Compared with vitamin K1 K2 has comparable benefits but has higher circulation concentration in more varied areas of the body Simply stated it works harder and it stays at work ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Vitamin B12 Solgar - vitamin b12 100 mcg. - 100 Tablets (033984031807)

    Item #: 67296
    Solgar Vitamin B12 Vitamin B12 is part of a group of essential nutrients known as the B Complex It supports energy metabolism and promotes a healthy nervous system Along with Folic Acid and Vitamin B6 it supports heart health by promoting healthy levels of homocysteine B12 is required for the normal development and regeneration of red blood cells which help to deliver oxygen throughout the body In ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Niacin Formulas Solgar - Niacin Formulas - niacin (vitamin b3) 100 mg. - 100 Tablets (033984018600)

    Item #: 68687
    Solgar Niacin Vitamin B3) is a water-soluble vitamin and is part of the B Complex It is required for the metabolism of carbohydrates and protein into energy Niacin also supports cardiovascular health promotes increased blood flow and supports the health of the nervous system Solgar Niacin Cardiovascular Support Promotes Energy Metabolism Solgar Niacin Contains No Gluten No Wheat No Dairy No Soy No ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Folic Acid Folate Solgar - Folic Acid Folate - folic acid 400 mcg. - 100 Tablets (033984010802)

    Item #: 68834
    Folic acid is a water-soluble B Vitamin and member of the B Complex Folic acid intake is important for pregnant women and helps promote heart health Folic acid helps maintain healthy levels of homocysteine by helping convert homocysteine into methionine In addition it plays a significant role in the health of red blood cells and helps support a healthy nervous system Solgar Folic Acid Contains No ... more
  • health foods > non-gmo health foods Nutiva - non-gmo health foods - chia seed black - 12 oz. (692752103117)

    Item #: 111409
    Chia Seeds 101 Nutiva's Organic Chia Seeds are small and dark colored crunchy and non-glutinous seeds They offer a rich souce of pure plant protein beneficial antioxidants essential Omega-3 fatty acids and important dietary soluble and insoluble fiber The chia seed's numerous health benefits make these super seeds a favorite amongst health conscious eaters The chia seed Salvia hispanica L) is a traditional ... more
  • Diet & Weight Loss > Coconut Oil Softgels NOW Foods - Coconut Oil Softgels - virgin coconut oil 1000 mg. - 120 Softgels (733739017185)

    Item #: 56851
    Now Foods Coconut Oil Cocus nucifera) is a traditional dietary staple of the people of Asia Africa and the Pacific Islands and has been used in Ayurvedic herbalism for thousands of years Now Foods Organic Virgin Coconut Oil is unrefined cold-pressed oil and does not utilize any solvents in the manufacturing process Now Foods Coconut oil contains no trans-fats and is a rich source of Medium Chain Triglycerides ... more
  • Herbs > Tinctures Nature's Answer - Tinctures - burdock root - 1 oz. (083000005848)

    Item #: 65732
    Nature's Answer Burdock Root Alcohol Free promotes healthy blood levels Nature's Answer alcohol-free extracts are produced using alcohol water and natural extractants All alcohol and extractants are then removed through our cold Bio-Chelated proprietary extraction process yielding a Holistically Balanced standardized extract Liquid extracts are absorbed faster than tablets or capsules and are more ... more
  • Homeopathy > Calming Formulas Hylands - Calming Formulas - calms - 100 Tablets (354973112032)

    Item #: 66211
    Hyland's Calms is a homeopathic remedy for the temporary symptomatic treatment for relief of simple nervous tension and insomnia sleeplessness) Calms is non-habit forming Be more than just calm on the surface Rely on the natural calm-ing effect of Hyland's Calms An all natural non-sedative non-habit forming medicine that offers temporary relief of nervous tension and sleeplessness Hyland's Calms Tablets ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Antioxidants Good 'N Natural - Antioxidants - alpha lipoic acid 100 mg. - 60 Capsules (074312460067)

    Item #: 60346
    Good N Natural Alpha Lipoic Acid 100 mg Alpha Lipoic Acid is a vitamin-Like antioxidant that helps fight cell-damaging free radicals in the body Free radicals can contribute to oxidative stress which in turn may contribute to the premature aging of cells As an antioxidant Alpha Lipoic Acid also helps revitalize the underlying structure of skin so it can look healthier and more radiant Good N Natural ... more
  • personal care > Liquid Soaps EO Products - Liquid Soaps - everyone soap - 32 oz. (636874220376)

    Item #: 127667
    EO Products Everyone Soap Unscented is a natural plant based soap and lotion made with pure botanical ingredients EO Products Everyone Soap Unscented is formulated with pure and natural ingredients specifically designed for those with sensitive skin and allergies to fragrances Use unscented OR add your favorite essential oil to create your own custom blended product 3 in 1 Soap Shampoo body wash bubble ... more
  • Herbs > Bilberry Eclectic Institute - american bilberry fruit fresh raw freeze-dried 400 mg. - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (023363306688)

    Item #: 110949
    Eclectic Institute Fresh Freeze-Dried American Bilberry Fruit capsules each contain 400 mg of wildcrafted and 100% freeze-dried bilberry Vaccinium membranaceum fruit Fresh freeze-drying maintains the biologically active constituents for highest potency and action The Fresh Upgrade Exclusive GuaranteeRaw No heat No Extraction No SolventsWhole Delivers the complete complex of ingredients found in the ... more
  • Health Aids > Enemas & Suppositories c.b. fleet co.|c.b. fleet co., inc. - Enemas & Suppositories - fleet pedia-lax enema saline laxative - 2.25 oz. (301320202205)

    Item #: 106694
    C.B Fleet Co Inc Fleet Pedia-Lax Enema Saline Laxative gives your child the same fast-acting relief as a regular Fleet Enema in an easy child-size dose Pedia-Lax enemas are designed for kids ages 2-11 with the same latex-free saline laxative used most in hospitals Pediatric enemas are the safe easy way to get your kid back on track fast Designed for kids ages 2-11 Provides relief in minutes Gives your ... more
  • Boiron Homeopathy Sale > Skin Irritation Remedies Boiron - Skin Irritation Remedies - calendula gel - 2.60 oz. (306962046590)

    Item #: 58096
    Boiron Calendula Gel heals chapped hands and lips and relieves sunburn and minor cuts Calendula Gel helps promote healing of minor burns scrapes and cuts Boiron Calendula Gel is non-greasy non-sticky and contains no artificial colors or perfumes Calendula officinalis is the Marigold of Europe a flower which has been known for centuries as a natural healing and soothing substance when applied locally ... more
  • Men's Health > Mens Grooming Aubrey Organics - Mens Grooming - men's stock spice island after shave bay rum and vetiver - 4 oz. (749985040167)

    Item #: 72166
    3 Steps to the Perfect Shave Face Scrub Shave Cream and After Shave Balm or Aftershave guarantee you a cool comfortable shave Protect your face from razor burn and irritation with flaxseed lignans-clinically proven to balance oil production and reduce skin bumps Available in 3 great natural scents-Spice Island North Woods City Rhythms Frequently Asked Questions Q Why doesn't Aubrey use hydrosols in ... more
  • Men's Health > Mens Grooming Aubrey Organics - Mens Grooming - men's stock city rhythms after shave cedar, sandalwood and bergamot - 4 oz. (749985440127)

    Item #: 57402
    Aubrey Organics Men's Stock City Rhythms After Shave cools and refreshes skin after shaving or anytime Men's Stock City Rhythms Aftershave soothes and conditions skin and tightens pores with witch hazel and organic aloe City Rhythms clean sophisticated scent with hints of ceder sandalwood and bergamont 3 Steps to the Perfect ShaveFace Scrub Shave Cream and After Shave Balm or Aftershave guarantee you ... more
  • Men's Health > Mens Grooming Aubrey Organics - Mens Grooming - men's stock biotin energizing scalp tonic - 8 oz. (749985040037)

    Item #: 57401
    Aubrey Organics Men's Stock Ginseng Biotin Energizing Scalp Tonic strengthens and mends damaged thinning hair fiber with silica-rich horsetail and coltsfoot Men's Stock Ginseng Biotin Energizing Scalp Tonic fresdhens and re-energizes scalp with Chinese herbal he shou wu It adds body and fullness with biotin a natural hair thickener Features:Benefits:He Shou WuEnergizes scalpGinseng Organic Rosemary ... more
  • Personal Care > Hair Styling Aubrey Organics - Hair Styling - natural missst herbal hairspary regular hold - 8 oz. (749985080590)

    Item #: 55376
    Natural Missst Hair Spray Regular Hold gives the hair a soft natural hold without plastics or synthetics (PVP VA) Natural Missst Hair Regular Hold adds body and control with herbal gum and Vitamin B which creates a superb hairspray without a stiff sticky feel Aubrey's added sulfur-containing amino acids and conditioning herbals to nourish and protect the hair Use as a styling spray or setting lotion ... more
  • Gift Ideas > Gifts For Men Aubrey Organics - Gifts For Men - men's stock north woods after shave pine - 4 oz. (749985040082)

    Item #: 72165
    Men's Stock North Woods After Shave cools and refreshes skin after shaving or any time North Woods After Shave soothes and conditions skin and tightens pores with witch hazel and organic aloe It adds a classic refreshing woodland scent 3 Steps to the Perfect Shave Face Scrub Shave Cream and After Shave Balm or Aftershave guarantee you a cool comfortable shave Protect your face from razor burn and irritation ... more
  • Teas & Coffee > Echinacea Teas Alvita - Echinacea Teas - echinacea & goldenseal tea - 24 Tea Bags (027434039291)

    Item #: 131023
    Alvita Organic Echinacea Goldenseal Tea is made with premium-quality organic Echinacea herb and root plus goldenseal root and produces an amber-colored tea with a mild slightly bitter flavor Echinacea Echinacea spp.) and Goldenseal Hydrastis canadensis) are indigenous to North America and were highly valued by Native American tribes such as the Cherokee and Iroquois These herbs became popular throughout ... more
  • health foods > aloe vera drinks ALO - aloe vera drinks - original aloe drink exposed aloe + honey - 16.90 oz. (811955011016)

    Item #: 112593
    Exposed Aloe + Honey is ALO's famous Original Aloe Drink You’ve probably used aloe vera to soothe sunburns and help heal cuts but ALO is exposing aloe vera for what it really is a health powerhouse chock full of vitamins minerals and essential amino acids ALO Exposed Aloe + Honey beverage ALO's Original Aloe Drink is made with real aloe vera extract that can provide the building blocks for a healthy ... more
  • health foods > kale chips Alive & Radiant Foods - kale chips - kale krunch quite cheezy - 2.20 oz. (827455000689)

    Item #: 126443
    Alive Radiant Foods Kale Krunch Quite Cheezy features rich cheddar flavor without the cheese Kale Krunch Quite Cheezy is Alive Radiant Foods original chip that started their kale chip revolution For over nine years they've kept the same signature cheesy blend of cashews red bell pepper and nutritional yeast In each bag of Alive Radiant Foods Kale Krunch Quite Cheezy you'll find full kale leaves ... more
  • Personal Care > Deodorants Wise Ways - Deodorants - lavender body powder - 3 oz. (727101820022)

    Item #: 74035
    Wise Ways Lavender Body Powder Wise Ways Lavender Body Powder is an aromatic deodorizing relaxing body powder with soothing lavender herbs oils Wise Ways Lavender Body Powder is great for after bathing Wise Ways Lavender Body Powder contains Arrow Root Clay Cornstarch Lavender Essential Oils of Lavender Ylang Ylang LavenderThe lavenders Lavandula) are a genus of 39 species of flowering plants in ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Salmon Oil Omega 3 Solaray - Salmon Oil Omega 3 - salmon oil 1000 mg. - 90 Softgels (076280008302)

    Item #: 65768
    Solaray Molecularly Distilled Salmon Oil 1000 mg Solaray Molecularly Distilled Salmon Oil is a special product Solaray Molecularly Distilled Salmon Oil includes Omega-3 fatty acids that are found in some kinds of fish and are intended to provide nutritive support to maintain normal healthy blood lipid fat) levels Vitamin E has been added to Solaray Molecularly Distilled Salmon Oil as nutritive support ... more
  • Personal Care > Shower Gels Shikai - Shower Gels - moisturizing shower gel starfruit - 12 oz. (081738363117)

    Item #: 112952
    Shikai Moisturizing Shower Gel Starfruit is not your actual shower gel It was actually formulated to moisturize and soothe dry skin The secret is a combination of organic collodal oatmeal blended with pure aloe vera gel These natural ingredients bring relief to dry itchy skin and leave rough chapped areas smooth and soft And the special blend of cleansers is mild enough for your whole family to use ... more
  • Personal Care > Hair Dye Rainbow Research - Hair Dye - henna persian red hair color red - 4 oz. (000518400019)

    Item #: 55122
    Rainbow Research Henna Persian RedHair Color is red Henna Hair Color has no additives chemicals or pesticides Rainbow Henna coats each hair shaft with color Blends naturally Fades gradually Lasts 4-6 weeks Smooths and seals the hair's cuticle for greater shine and body Their custom-tailored recipes can be used for special effects covering grey and improving texture.Henna is a natural plant-based alternative ... more
  • Baby & Child Health > Diaper Rash Ointments & Creams Nature's Baby Organics - Diaper Rash Ointments & Creams - diaper ointment - 3 oz. (183060000095)

    Item #: 66606
    Pamper baby with the incredible ingredients of Nature's Baby Ointment Cream Protect baby's little booty the gentle natural way This highly effective Organic Diaper Rash Ointment is made with organic Sunflower Oil Tamanu Oil Chickweed Oil Olive Oil essential oils no preservatives or synthetic fragrances Soothes and heals delicate skin while preventing future diaper rash Made from 98% certified organic ... more
  • Personal Care > Body Lotions Derma-E - Body Lotions - hand & body moisture therapy lavender - 12 oz. (030985070309)

    Item #: 72492
    Derma E Lavender Hand Body Moisture Therapy Lotion has excellent formulations to care for and nourish the entire body They include antioxidants vitamins minerals and specific skin nutrients to ensure your skin receives health-generating benefits along with the moisture it needs to stay hydrated Enriched with super antioxidants Astaxanthin and Pycnogenol plus relaxing Lavender essential oil Natural ... more
  • Health Foods > Non-GMO Health Foods Bob's Red Mill - Non-GMO Health Foods - quick cooking rolled oats - 32 oz. (039978003768)

    Item #: 129516
    Bob's Red Mill Quick Cooking Oats Gluten Free are rolled extra thin to shorten the cooking time They are made from oats grown by their cooperative of over 200 farmers dedicated to growing only pure high-grade oats Each farm delivery is sampled hundreds of times and tested with an Rf ELISA gluten test to ensure the absence of gluten Advanced color-sorting removes undetected impurities Roasting enhances ... more
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