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  • Health Foods > Dried Fruit NOW Foods - Dried Fruit - dried apricots - 1 lb. (733739056207)

    Item #: 49487
    Enjoy NOW Foods Certified Organic Dried Apricots as is or chop them up and add to baking recipes or cereal NOW Foods Dried Apricots are an excellent source of beta-carotene and a good source of potassium and dietary fiber Now Foods Dried Apricots are naturally sweet with no added sugar Certified Organic No Sulfur Added No Preservatives Naturally Sweet No Sugar Added NOW's MissionThe NOW mission is ... more
  • Homeopathy > Cold Sore Remedies Hylands - Cold Sore Remedies - cold sores & fever blister - 100 Tablets (354973912724)

    Item #: 66221
    Hyland's Cold Sores Fever Blisters formerly Hyland's 27 is a traditional homeopathic formula for the relief of symptoms of cold sores and fever blisters due to cold Working without contraindications or side effects Hyland's Cold Sores Fever Blisters stimulates your body's naural healing response to relieve symptoms Hyland's Cold Sores Fever Blisters is safe for adults and children and can be used ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Trace Minerals Nature's Plus - trace-mins multi trace minerals - 180 Tablets (097467035607)

    Item #: 50297
    Nature's Plus Trace-Mins Multi Trace Minerals is a multi-trace mineral dietary supplement The need for trace minerals in human nutrition is becoming more and more evident Nature's Plus has designed a formula containing 72 trace minerals derived from ancient seabed deposits All minerals in Nature's Plus Trace-Mins Multi Trace Minerals are naturally chelated and in the exact proportions that exist in ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Melatonin Kal - melatonin 5-htp - 60 Tablets (021245130949)

    Item #: 52608
    Kal Melatonin 5-HTP is a once daily dietary supplement Kal Melatonin 5-HTP contains 2.5 mg of melatonin Kal Melatonin 5-HTP also contains 60 mg of 5-HTP The 5-HTP in Kal Melatonin 5-HTP is from natural griffonia.About KAL™Innovation is their tradition the pursuit of quality is their passion They believe that you cannot have a quality finished product unless you start with the finest raw materials.KAL™ ... more
  • Professional Supplements > Douglas Laboratories Douglas Laboratories - methylcobalamin liquid - 30 ml. (310539032329)

    Item #: 106848
    Douglas Laboratories Methylcobalamin Liquid provides 1,000 mcg of highly bioavailable vitamin B12 in a tasty and convenient liquid Vitamin B12 is essential for normal metabolism of carbohydrates fat and protein As a cofactor for methylmalonyl-CoA mutase enzymes vitamin B12 helps convert odd chain fatty acids and branched chain amino acids into succinyl-CoA a common citric acid cycle intermediate Vitamin ... more
  • Sports Nutrition > Electrolytes Trace Minerals Research - Electrolytes - electrolyte stamina tablets - 90 Tablets (878941000584)

    Item #: 68495
    Trace Minerals Research Electrolyte Stamina Tablets are a dietary supplement ideal for sports performance people working in high temperatures and anyone expecting to experience high levels of fluid loss P-5-P and L-Taurine help get magnesium into the cells more effectively to help reduce cramps and increase stamina and energy You may expect a wide spectrum of nutritional benefits Electrolyte Stamina ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Beta Glucan Paradise Herbs - beta glucans agaricus mushroom - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (601944777388)

    Item #: 129005
    Paradise Herbs Beta Glucans 60 Vegetarian CapsulesParadise Herbs Beta Glucans is an Agaricus mushroom 10:1 concentrated extract of the highest quality nature has to offer Using a 100% natural extraction method the true essence of the whole herb is captured therefore retaining all of its active and synergistic constituents in a truly potent holistic full spectrum form the way nature intended Agaricus ... more
  • teas & coffee > Green Teas NOW Foods - Green Teas - green kick sencha and matcha green tea - 24 Tea Bags (733739042262)

    Item #: 116241
    Now Foods Green Kick Sencha and Matcha Green Tea contains naturally occurring Polyphenols Now Foods Green Kick Sencha and Matcha Green Tea are premium tea bags with no a no-staples design Now Foods Green Kick Sencha and Matcha Green Tea contains no artificial colors flavors preservatives or sugars Now Foods Green Kick Sencha and Matcha Green Tea is sources with only the highest quality ingredients ... more
  • Baby & Child Health > Immune Support King Bio - Immune Support - homeopathic natural medicine children's cough - 2 oz. (357955514527)

    Item #: 48739
    King Bio Homeopathic Natural Medicine Children's Cough is for fast relief from dry barking spasmodic croupy tickling mucousy continuous coughs due to the common cold or inhaled irritants (Note A persistent cough may be a sign of a serious condition If cough persists for more than one week tends to recur or is accompanied by fever rash or persistent headache consult a health care professional.) Powerful ... more
  • Pet Care > Homeopathic Remedies for Pets King Bio - Homeopathic Remedies for Pets - natural pet skin & itch irritation for canines large - 4 oz. (357955440246)

    Item #: 100505
    King Bio Natural Pet Skin and Itch Irritation is a natural homeopathic remedy for dogs that provides fast relief of skin related symptoms including itching hot spots dermatitis unhealthy skin and coat conditions.For fast of skin reltaed symptoms including:Itching Hot Spots Unhealthy Skin and Coat Conditions Alternative Medicine for Your PetsNatural Pet Pharmaceuticals are manufactured by King Bio a ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Vitamin B Formulas Doctor's Best - Vitamin B Formulas - best benfotiamine 150 mg. - 120 Vegetarian Capsules (753950001299)

    Item #: 71639
    Doctor's Best Best Benfotiamine S-benzoylthiamine-O-monophosphate) is a synthetic derivative of thiamin belonging to the family of compounds known as allithiamines. Benfotiamine is fat-soluble and more bioavailable and physiologically active than thiamin Benfotiamine raises the blood level of thiamin pyrophosphate TPP) the biologically active co-enzyme of thiamin and stimulates transketolase a cellular ... more
  • pet care > Relaxation & Calming Support for Pet Bach Original Flower Remedies - Relaxation & Calming Support for Pet - rescue remedy pet - 20 ml. (741273015314)

    Item #: 108626
    Bach Original Flower Remedies Rescue Remedy Pet is a combination remedy for crisis use The full system of 38 Bach Original Flower Remedies can help with any kind of emotional imbalance If symptoms persist please consult a veterinarian For years Rescue Remedy Pet has been recommended by veterinarians for animals to help calm pers in all kinds of stressful situations This alcohol-free formulation is ... more
  • Pet Care > Joint Support for Pets Zuke's - Joint Support for Pets - hip action dog treats roasted beef recipe - 1 lb. (013423211212)

    Item #: 105974
    Zuke's Hip Action Dog Treats Beef Formula is daily hip and joint support in a naturally delicious moist dog treat Help maintain hip and joint function with the natural goodness of glucosamine chondroitin wholefood antioxidants and eggshell membrane a new up-and-coming joint support superfood This powerful combination is packed in a delicious moist tasty treat your dog will absolutely love Fee Hip ... more
  • Planetary Herbals - colon support, cleansing & laxatives - tri-cleanse complete internal cleanser - 10 oz. (021078101048)

    Item #: 50664
    10 oz.Many of today's bulking agents and internal cleansers produce noticeable and seemingly beneficial effects However it is important to proceed with care when using such products While most bulking fibers are beneficial for elimination they can impair assimilation or may include dependency forming laxative agents such as buckhorn cascara rhubarb or senna Planetary Herbals Tri-Cleanse Complete Internal ... more
  • Men's Health > Prostate Support Phyto Therapy - Prostate Support - prostate control - 60 Softgels (701082410304)

    Item #: 51666
    Phyto Therapy Prostate Control is a comprehensive formula in a softgel for maximum utilization and to help maintain a Healthy Prostate Phyto Therapy Prostate Control is a natural blend of phyto-nutrient herbs antioxidants and minerals that have been shown to help promote and support the health and function of the prostate Beta sitosterol and curcumin are the key ingredients and help maintain a healthy ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Whole Food Vitamins Nature's Way - Whole Food Vitamins - alive calcium bone formula max absorption - 60 Tablets (033674158388)

    Item #: 117841
    Nature's Way Alive Calcium Bone Formula Max Absorption is 100% whole food calcium vitamin C plus vitamin D3 vitamin K2 magnesium boron and synergistic minerals All of the calcium in Alive Calcium is from plant sources Lithothamnion calcified red algae seaweed) sustainably harvested from pristine Icelandic waters plus organic kale spinach and collard greens Easier for your body to digestWhile many ... more
  • Personal Care > Facial Lotions Nature's Gate - Facial Lotions - moisturizer for normal to oily skin lemon verbena - 4 oz. (078347752494)

    Item #: 125189
    Nature's Gate Moisturizer For Normal To Oily Skin Lemon Verbena is a lightweight oil-free lotion that hydrates softens and smoothes to reveal healthy more youthful looking skin Nature's Gate features an exlusive blend of White Tea Olive Aloe Argan Flaxseed Blackberry and Acerola moisturizes nourishes and soothes skin with Vitamins C E essential fatty acids and antioxidants Nature's Gate is dermatologist ... more
  • Homeopathy > Immunity Support King Bio - Immunity Support - multi-strain flu relief homeopathic spray - 2 oz. (357955519928)

    Item #: 48900
    Learn More Health LibraryRelevant Health Library InfoHomeopathy FAQsImmune-System Support Buying GuideLearn More About Immune FunctionPump Up Your Immune SystemWhat Is Homeopathy CloseMulti-Strain Flu Relief Homeopathic Spray by King BioKing Bio Multi-Strain Flu Relief Homeopathic Spray 2 oz (59 ml)King Bio Multi-Strain Flu Relief Homeopathic Spray provides temporary relief of fever chills night sweats ... more
  • Herbs > Chaparral Arizona Natural - chaparral 500 mg. - 180 Capsules (046802202013)

    Item #: 55320
    Arizona Natural stands in awe of the centuried Redwoods of the Pacific coast and the twisted giant Saguaros of the high desert but compared to the Chaparral bush they are mere infants Botanically known as Larrea tridentata the common chaparral plant can live up to 12,000 years The fact this waxy-leaved bush can thrive in the harsh Arizona desert and dominate it's neighbors without being eaten or infected ... more
  • Herbs > Ayurvedic Herbs Mahima for Life - Ayurvedic Herbs - cordyceps - 100 Capsules (680569158642)

    Item #: 137204
    Called Caterpillar Fungus, Cordyceps is a valuable supplement to the Chinese and Tibetan cultures In Oriental medicine its uses for fatigue as well as stamina and potency is highly regarded Not only does Mahima for Life Cordyceps rejuvenate the body but it also supports mental clarity as well as oxygenation of bodily tissues Mahima for Life Cordyceps also plays a major role in enhancing and supporting ... more
  • Herbs > Ginseng Imperial Elixir - chinese red panax ginseng extractum - 30 Bottle(s) (715783362558)

    Item #: 108436
    Imperial Elixir Chinese Red Panax Ginseng Extractum is a pleasant-tasting easy to take alcohol-free extract Imperial Elixir makes their liquid Chinese Red ginseng from mature six-year old Panax roots gathered in the world's premier ginseng growing region the Chang Bai Shan mountains of the China Korean border They then process these roots into a liquid to maintain all their wholistic benefits potency ... more
  • Homeopathy > Pulsatilla Hylands - pulsatilla 30 x - 250 Tablets (354973292345)

    Item #: 62281
    Hyland's Pulsatilla 30X is a homeopathic medicine to relieve colds with runny nose Pulsatilla can ease advanced stages of a cold with profuse yellowish discharge Pulsatilla 30X also helps rheumatic pain menstrual disorders and upset stomach from overeating Colds producing thick bland yellow or greenish mucus suggest a need for Pulsatilla The nose feels stuffed indoors and runs in open air The person ... more
  • Flower Essences > Formulas Flower Essence Services - Formulas - post-trauma stabilizer - 1 oz. (782932151073)

    Item #: 82936
    Flower Essence Services Post-Trauma Stabilizer Formula was first developed in response to the horrific genocide in Rwanda in 1994 and proved helpful to overcome the shock grief despair and horror of a people terrorized by massacre and torture One aid worker became unable to talk after witnessing unspeakable cruelty and she became bed bound with survivor’s guilt.” With the help of this formula she was ... more
  • Flower Essences > Formulas Flower Essence Services - Formulas - activ-8 - 1 oz. (782932151141)

    Item #: 82848
    Flower Essence Services Activ-8 formula embodies eight flower essences to catalyze the positive masculine force of the soul in men and in women) It helps overcome hesitation or apathy and gives strength and energy to push through delays obstacles and opposition In times of crisis it mobilizes energy that might otherwise be dissipated in anger and frustration and channels it into constructive action ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formulas Biotics Research - Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formulas - bio-multi plus - 90 Tablets (055146011680)

    Item #: 114987
    Biotics Research Bio-Multi Plus Iron Free is a versatile balanced multiple vitamin and mineral supplement supplying unique forms of important micro-nutrients available exclusively from Biotics Research Corporation This product is available in three versions regular Bio-Multi Plus Bio-Multi Plus Iron Free Bio-Multi Plus Iron Copper Free Why you may need Bio-Multi Plus Research has clearly demonstrated ... more
  • diet & weight loss > citrimax (garcinia cambogia) Twinlab - mega citrimax garcinia cambogia with chomium picolinate quick acting - 100 Capsules (027434005142)

    Item #: 69558
    Two specially formulated highly concentrated capsules contain 1500 mg of Citrimax Garcinia Cambogia extract) standardized for 50% Hydroxycitric Acid HCA) Citrimax is derived from the rind of Garcinia Cambogia a tropical fruit naturally rich in HCA Two capsules also contain 200 mcg of chromium from patented chromium picolinate) for maximum benefit TwinLab Twinlab has had had one simple and over-riding ... more
  • Herbs > Glucomannan Natural Max - super glucomannan plus absorbitol - 90 Capsules (707572814447)

    Item #: 65461
    Enjoy a feeling of fullness with NaturalMax Super Glucomannan dietary supplement and plan Fiber in the diet is essential for good health Fiber acts as a bulking agent in the body which may produce a feeling of fullness Glucomannan is a natural dietary fiber from Amorphophallus konjac root and has safely been consumed as food for over 1000 years in the Orient Glucomannan has been the subject of various ... more
  • Detoxification & Cleansing > Heavy Metal & Mercury Cleanses Liddell Laboratories - Heavy Metal & Mercury Cleanses - detox metals homeopathic oral spray - 1 oz. (363113261967)

    Item #: 57489
    Liddell Laboratories Detox Metals Homeopathic Oral Spray detoxifies the body and temporarily relieves symptoms associated with the build-up of toxic metal residues mercury aluminum lead arsenic tin) such as:Abdominal discomfort Diarrhea Headache Irritability Muscle pain Feelings of weaknessOur bodies are exposed to higher levels of toxic metals like never before Some of the more common sources are ... more
  • Diet & Weight Loss > Carnitine Jarrow Formulas - l-carnitine 250 mg. - 100 Vegetarian Capsules (790011020059)

    Item #: 65210
    Jarrow Formulas L-Carnitine contains a pharmaceutical grade stabilized amount of L-Carnitine L-Carnitine is an amino acid found in high concentrations in heart and liver tissues where inside the cells mitochondria) L-Carnitine helps transform fats into energy L-Carnitine also facilitates the metabolism of carbohydrates and enhances ATP i.e energy) production Jarrow Formulas L-Carnitine Highlights Vegetarian ... more
  • Herbs > Eye Support HerbTheory - Eye Support - solution series eye care - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (858036004291)

    Item #: 138684
    Herb Theory's Solution Series Eye Care supports eye function and promotes eye health HerbTheory Products:Globally sourced ingredients Wild-crafted herbs Naturally gluten-free Non-GMO Clinically studied ingredients Vegan Why Herbal Supplements Why Not What's the best way to take care of your health At what age should you start making an effort In today's world we've grown up in an environment that more ... more
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