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  • Health Foods > Rice Protein Rainbow Light - Rice Protein - protein energizer shake powder creamy vanilla - 10.70 oz. (021888410019)

    Item #: 51959
    Rainbow Light's Creamy Vanilla Protein Energizer mixes instantly with your favorite beverage for a healthful and delicious immediate protein boost to your day Rainbow Light’s Creamy Vanilla Protein Energizer powder nutritional shake delivers non-allergenic brown rice protein combined with organic spirulina targeted superfoods botanicals vegetable juice concentrates adaptogenic herbs fiber along with ... more
  • Aromatherapy Sale > Essential Oils NOW Foods - Essential Oils - peppermint oil - 4 oz. (733739075864)

    Item #: 56977
    Now Foods Peppermint's brisk uplifting aroma has been enjoyed for centuries in both aromatherapeutic and culinary applications Now Foods Peppermint Oil can be invigorating and rejuvenating and can also be taken internally when properly diluted Now Foods Peppermint Oil is 100% pure and steam distilled from fresh peppermint leaves.100% Pure Natural Mentha piperita Aromatherapeutic GC IR Verified Fun ... more
  • Homeopathy > Leg Cramp Remedies Hylands - Leg Cramp Remedies - leg cramps - 50 Tablets (354973295612)

    Item #: 118733
    Hylands Leg Cramps stops the pain Hylands Leg Cramps relaxes calves and foot cramps Hylands Leg Cramps releives the symptoms of cramps and pains in the lower back legs and fet that can disrupt your life Hylands Leg Cramps relieves late-night Charley Horse cramps Hylands Leg Cramps can be taken daily or nightly without drowsiness Hylands Leg Cramps is also safe to take with other medications and has ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Acid Neutralizing Formulas Enzymatic Therapy - Acid Neutralizing Formulas - acid-ease digestion formula - 90 Ultracap(s) (750856606900)

    Item #: 60154
    Enzymatic Therapy Acid-Ease has a unique formula which provides digestive enzymes that help your system break down and absorb foods Pure Plant Enzymes are combined with gamma oryzanol found naturally in rice bran) slippery elm bark and marshmallow root extract in a soothing supplement for even the most sensitive digestive systems.Why use herbs and enzymes for digestive support If you're concerned with ... more
  • Gift Ideas > For Beauty Queen Ecco Bella - For Beauty Queen - soft eyeliner pencil velvet - 0.04 oz. (036923029316)

    Item #: 105764
    Tip Gently draw a line across your lashes and smudge with a Q-tip FlowerColor Mineral Make-up + Flower Waxes Make-up from earth minerals infused with flower waxes As a flower stays beautiful over time this flower wax-infused make-up glides on and lasts longer Professionals use it actresses demand it You'll love it It's ecology gone beautiful Look for the refillable compacts for eyeshadow and blush ... more
  • Women's Health > Menstrual Symptoms Contessa - Menstrual Symptoms - female tonic homeopathic - 8 oz. (704944100184)

    Item #: 61685
    Balances hormonal functions. Female tonic for women of all ages – popular for over 60 years in Germany. All natural, has no side effects. All homeopathic liquids have to be in an alcohol solution by law. The standard content is normally between 30% and 60%. CONTESSA only contains 20.9%. To minimize the alcohol taste it can be taken in water. more
  • Health Foods > Seasonings & Spices Starwest Botanicals - Seasonings & Spices - bulk vervain herb c/s - 1 lb. (767963073471)

    Item #: 132209
    Starwest Botanicals Vervain Herb C S Organic is Certified Kosher and USDA Organic Starwest Botanicals Vervain Herb C S Organic is available in a one pound bag Starwest Botanicals Vervain Herb Organic is cut and sifted Botanical Name Verbena officinalis Origin Croatia Common Names European Vervain Pigeon's Grass Holy Herb Enchanter's Herb Statement of Quality Superior quality has always been the goal ... more
  • aromatherapy > essential oils Simplers Botanicals - essential oils - essential oil mugwort (armoise) - 5 ml. (717940000594)

    Item #: 135113
    Simplers Botanicals Essential Oil Organic Mugwort has a pungent potent sage-like aroma Simplers Botanicals Essential Oil Organic Mugwort has skin regenerative properties and is often used to soothe respiratory issues though light headedness may result from excessive inhalation Use Simplers Botanicals Essential Oil Organic Mugwort in moderation externally only Contains the toxic kentone thujone.Why ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Fiber Metamucil - multihealth fiber singles orange smooth (037000741084)

    Item #: 128471
    Top 10 Reasons to Love Metamucil You love your heart and so do weThe fiber in Metamucil is proven to lower cholesterol Clinical studies have shown that taken daily 7 grams of soluble fiber from psyllium husk the amount in three to four servings of Metamucil may help reduce heart disease risk by lowering cholesterol Because you want to stay fit and trim naturallySugar-Free Metamucil Powders and all ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Whole Food Vitamins Garden of Life - Whole Food Vitamins - living vitamin c - 60 Caplets (658010111485)

    Item #: 62738
    What are Citrus Bioflavonoids and why are they important Bioflavonoids are natural polyphenolic substances in plants fruits vegetables nuts bark and buckwheat Bioflavonoids in Living Vitamin C are naturally occurring from whole fruit citrus lemon-lime) Living Vitamin C includes 100mg of Citrus Bioflavonoids per serving Naturally occurring Citrus Bioflavonoids provide antioxidant protection and superior ... more
  • Teas & Coffee > Black Teas Bigelow Tea - Black Teas - black tea autumn pumpkin spice - 20 Tea Bags (072310001909)

    Item #: 111931
    Bigelow Tea Pumpkin Spice Autumn Spiced Tea tea bags come wrapped in individual fresh packs Fall in love with Bigelow pumpkin Spice Tea The harvest moon brings bountiful blessings for us to enjoy not the least of which is Bigelow Pumpkin Spice Tea Smooth and satisfying its rich round flavor is a masterful blend of the finest mountain-grown teas and delicate spices reminiscent of a fine dessert But ... more
  • Herbs > Curcumin Solgar - Curcumin - turmeric root extract standardized - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (033984041615)

    Item #: 113029
    Solgar Turmeric Root Extract Standardized the active ingredients in Turmeric include beneficial flavonoids called Curcuminoids which are plant-based antioxidants They help fight cell-damaging free radicals in the body Turmeric has a long history of use in India and it is a popular spice used in curry dishes In fact Many older citizens of India have been reported to be able to maintain healthy brain ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Tocotrienols Jarrow Formulas - toco-sorb mixed tocotrienols and vitamin e 60 mg. - 60 Softgels (790011120261)

    Item #: 65365
    Jarrow Formulas TocoSorb Mixed Tocotrienol-Vitamin E complex utilizes SupraBio enhanced absorption system Tocotrienols protect cardiovascular function by affecting biosynthesis of cholesterol and reducing oxidation of low density lipoprotein LDL-Cholesterol) Typically bioavailability of tocotrienols is low absolute bioavailability is about 28%) Patented SupraBio specialized lipid mixture enhances tocotrienol ... more
  • Personal Care > Liquid Soaps Indigo Wild - Liquid Soaps - zum wash natural liquid hand & body soap rosemary-mint - 8 oz. (663204245303)

    Item #: 63291
    Why goats milk Goats milk is naturally ultra-moisturizing Goats milk soap contains capric caprylic and capronic acids and natural occurring triglycerides Otherwise known as good fats The result is a pH level that is good for healthy human hair and skin while commercial soap can dry out the skin to the point at which it feels taut and itchy The oil glands are forced to counteract overproducing oils ... more
  • Pet Care > Homeopathic Remedies for Pets HomeoPet - Homeopathic Remedies for Pets - joint stress liquid drops for pets - 15 ml. (704959147235)

    Item #: 109516
    HomeoPet Joint Stress is a homeopathic remedy to provide your pet with temporary relief from joint stiffness soreness muscle tension overexertion pain in lower back and joint areas As pets age they slow down Your pet's symptoms may include lameness stiffness difficulty rising or climbing stairs limping or holding foot up hip joint and back pain weak hind legs pain with movement arthritis and hip displasia ... more
  • Gift Ideas > Sweet Smelling Holiday Scents Biggs & Featherbelle - Sweet Smelling Holiday Scents - beauty soak buttermilk, honey & roses with nutmeg & patchouli essential oils - 9 oz. (857417001225)

    Item #: 113360
    Biggs Featherbelle Beauty Soak Buttermilk Honey Roses with Nutmeg Patchouli Essential Oils Biggs Featherbelle baths soaks are unique recipes created with nourishing salts herbs buttermilk essential oils These bath soaks were created to soak away your problems and add some me-time to your daily routine Whether you need to soak your achy muscles relax your mind soothe itchy skin or just feel beautiful ... more
  • Personal Care > Ear Care Wally's Natural Products - Ear Care - ear oil - 1 oz. (609280105001)

    Item #: 69976
    Wally's Natural Ear Oil is an all-natural blend of essential oils herbal extracts specially formualted to soothe irritated itchy & sensitive ears This moisturizing antibacterial antifungal formula can also be used on the skin to help relieve irritations such as rash eczema It may also help prevent infection in minor cuts scrapes and burns Wally's Ear Oil has also been shown effective in reducing ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Multiple Formulas Source Naturals - Multiple Formulas - mega-one multi-vitamin - 90 Tablets (021078014423)

    Item #: 124737
    Source Naturals Mega-One High Potency Multi-Vitamin with Minerals Iron-Free is a potent one-tablet-a-day multi-vitamin Addresses the following body systems Energy Cells DNA Antioxidant Defense Metabolism Hormones Liver Detox Circulation Cognition Nerves Immune Leaders of the Wellness Revolution Source Naturals was created in 1982 by C.E.O Ira Goldberg to support each individual's potential to enjoy ... more
  • Herbs > Tinctures Herb Pharm - Tinctures - dandelion extract - 1 oz. (090700000462)

    Item #: 62386
    We prepare our Dandelion Extract from fresh undried) whole Taraxacum officinale plants root leaf flower) which are Certified Organically Grown on our own farm without the use of chemical fertilizers pesticides or herbicides.To assure optimal extraction of Dandelion's bioactive compounds the plants are hand-harvested while in full flower and are then taken directly to our laboratory and promptly extracted ... more
  • Herbs > Tinctures Herb Pharm - Tinctures - chamomile extract - 1 oz. (090700000363)

    Item #: 64249
    Herb Pharm Chamomile Extract Herb prepare their Chamomile Extract from fresh undried) German Chamomile flowers which are Certified Organically Grown on their own farm without the use of chemical fertilizers pesticides or herbicides To assure optimal extraction of Chamomile's bioactive compounds the flowers are hand-harvested at their optimal potency and are then taken directly to their laboratory and ... more
  • Gift Ideas > Holiday Baking Bernard Jensen - Holiday Baking - quick sip bouillon concentrate - 32 oz. (726434102331)

    Item #: 81991
    Bernard Jensen Quick Sip Bouillon Concentrate 32 oz.Bernard Jensen Quick Sip Bouillon Concentrate is fortified with vitamins and minerals and adds a nutritional splash of seasoning to food Bernard Jensen Quick Sip Bouillon Concentrate may be added to hot water for a quick mineral broth Have a Bernard Jensen Quick Sip Bouillon Concentrate health break at 10 A.M 2 P.M 4 P.M and a Night Cap before going ... more
  • vitamins & minerals > Magnesium Solgar - magnesium citrate - 120 Tablets (033984017115)

    Item #: 65899
    Solgar's Magnesium helps to regulate calcium transport and absorption By stimulating the secretion of calcitonin it aids the influx of calcium into bone and promotes optimal bone mineralization Along with ATP magnesium supports cellular energy production It also promotes nerve and muscle function This formulation provides 100% magnesium citrate a highly absorbable form of this important mineral Solgar ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Calcium Solgar - calcium ascorbate crystals - 4.40 oz. (033984004405)

    Item #: 68976
    Solgar’s Calcium Ascorbate Crystals is a buffered (non acidic) formulation providing 100% pure and fully reacted calcium ascorbate Vitamin C is a water-soluble nutrient with revered antioxidant properties In addition to helping to fight cell-damaging free radicals it also promotes collagen connective tissue) formation which is important for healthy nails skin hair and joints Vitamin C supports respiratory ... more
  • Herbs > Throat Support Peaceful Mountain - Throat Support - throat rescue - 2 oz. (818692003007)

    Item #: 51743
    Peaceful Mountain Throat Rescue is all natural soothing ionic silver throat spray Strep or sore throats can hit at any time usually not the most convenient time They are painful and can develop into something that is much more significant Laboratory tests have shown Throat Rescue to be superior to competitive throat sprays at killing harmful throat bacteria Throat Rescue kills significantly more Streptococcus ... more
  • Herbs > Astragalus Paradise Herbs - astragalus 12:1 concentrated potency - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (601944777272)

    Item #: 119971
    Paradise Astragalus root is a potent 12:1 concentration Paradise Herbs Astragalus' true full spectrum extraction ensures all active and synergistic constituents are retained in the balanced ratio nature intended without the use of toxic solvents harsh chemicals or fractionizing gases Astragalus is a popular Qi tonic used to support energy vitality and digestion Paradise Herbs Astragalus supports immunity ... more
  • Health Foods > Dried Fruit NOW Foods - Dried Fruit - dried apricots - 1 lb. (733739056207)

    Item #: 49487
    Enjoy NOW Foods Certified Organic Dried Apricots as is or chop them up and add to baking recipes or cereal NOW Foods Dried Apricots are an excellent source of beta-carotene and a good source of potassium and dietary fiber Now Foods Dried Apricots are naturally sweet with no added sugar Certified Organic No Sulfur Added No Preservatives Naturally Sweet No Sugar Added NOW's MissionThe NOW mission is ... more
  • Health Foods > Rice Protein VegLife - peaceful planet rice protein pure powder unflavored - 20.40 oz. (076280106121)

    Item #: 69505
    Veg Life Peaceful Planet Rice Protein Powder contains 16 grams of easily digested soy- and gluten-free) rice protein with only 5 grams of carbohydrate and zero fat Rice Protein Powder is made from U.S grown rice that is non-genetically modified Only water and enzymes are used to separate the protein from the carbohydrate portion of the rice No acid bases or other chemicals are used in Peaceful Planet ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Trace Minerals Nature's Plus - trace-mins multi trace minerals - 180 Tablets (097467035607)

    Item #: 50297
    Nature's Plus Trace-Mins Multi Trace Minerals is a multi-trace mineral dietary supplement The need for trace minerals in human nutrition is becoming more and more evident Nature's Plus has designed a formula containing 72 trace minerals derived from ancient seabed deposits All minerals in Nature's Plus Trace-Mins Multi Trace Minerals are naturally chelated and in the exact proportions that exist in ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Melatonin Kal - melatonin 5-htp - 60 Tablets (021245130949)

    Item #: 52608
    Kal Melatonin 5-HTP is a once daily dietary supplement Kal Melatonin 5-HTP contains 2.5 mg of melatonin Kal Melatonin 5-HTP also contains 60 mg of 5-HTP The 5-HTP in Kal Melatonin 5-HTP is from natural griffonia.About KAL™Innovation is their tradition the pursuit of quality is their passion They believe that you cannot have a quality finished product unless you start with the finest raw materials.KAL™ ... more
  • Personal Care > Ointments & Salves Indigo Wild - Ointments & Salves - zip's scab dab - 1.50 oz. (663204223509)

    Item #: 138188
    Indigo Wild Zip's Scab Dab is an all-natural antiseptic After your next meeting with the pavement gravel or thickets etc don't pick the scab pick the cure Made with rosehip and evening primrose oils organic calendula and gotu kola Zip's Scab Dab promotes healing of minor skin irritations cuts scrapes burns blisters and rashes Simply rub it in and repeat as needed Made with ingredients you can pronounce.We ... more
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