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  • Homeopathy > Nerve Support King Bio - Nerve Support - homeopathic natural medicine sciatic freee... - 2 oz. (357955503026)

    Item #: 101920
    Learn More Health LibraryRelevant Health Library InfoCoenzymeQ10 May Ease Diabetes-Related Nerve DamageLearn More About Bell’s PalsyLearn More About Bell’s Palsy(Homeopathy)Learn More About NeuropathyCloseHomeopathic Natural Medicine Sciatic Freee by King BioKing Bio Homeopathic Natural Medicine Sciatic Freee - 2 oz (59 ml)King Bio Homeopathic Natural Medicine Sciatic Free is for the relief of symptoms ... more
  • Housewares & Cleaning Aids > Laundry Detergent Indigo Wild - Laundry Detergent - zum clean aromatherapy laundry soap eucalyptus citrus - 64 oz. (663204352001)

    Item #: 78620
    Frequently Asked Questions Is their soap made using the Cold Process Method Yes they make soap the old fashioned way-from scratch Zum Bars are made from a combination of fats natural oils) with a lye solution until a process of saponification takes place Saponification is a chemical process which converts a fat into soap by reaction with an alkali also known as lye ) Saponification occurs as the raw ... more
  • goal > improve immune system Healthy Origins - improve immune system - probiotic 30 billion cfu's - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (603573555153)

    Item #: 101969
    Healthy Origins Probiotic 30 Billion supports a healthy digestive and immune system CFU's Healthy Origins Probiotic 30 Billion CFUs is a powerful blend of 8 friendly bacteria strains and 30 billion colony forming units CFU's) which can help support a positive balance of micro flora in the intestines Supplementing with Healthy Origins Probiotic may help to restore and maintain friendly bacteria colonies ... more
  • Baby & Child Health > Lotions & Creams Episencial - Lotions & Creams - babytime! cheeky salve for lips & cheeks - 0.53 oz. (895639002873)

    Item #: 127914
    Baby Time by Episencial Cheeky Salve For Lips and Cheeks is a transparent balmy butter that is great for chapped lips dry cheeks cracked nipples acne bumps cradle cap and all over first-aid naturally Actively Healthy Ingredients provide a gentle but might barrier to the elements Edible unscented allergy tested and designed to enhance skin immunity for maximum relief prevention and healing protection ... more
  • Personal Care > Anti-Aging Skin Care Desert Essence - Anti-Aging Skin Care - age reversal revitalizing eye serum - 0.33 oz. (718334322391)

    Item #: 128259
    Desert Essence Age Reversal Revitalizing Eye Serum will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes Desert Essence Age Reversal Revitalizing Eye Serum contain an exclusive blend of tested actives peptides and natural extracts Caffeine and Black Crowberry Juice help tighten and firm the skin Haloxyl and Eyeliss have been shown to significantly reduce dark circles and puffiness in ... more
  • Personal Care > Deodorant Sprays Common Sense Farm - Deodorant Sprays - deodorant spray vetiver & spice - 3.40 oz. (830568009012)

    Item #: 61681
    Common Sense Farms Vetiver Spice Deodorant is a non-aerosol sprays provide a natural solution for underarm odor Rather than interfere with the healthy process of perspiration as antiperspirants do) Common Sense Farms Vetiver Spice Deodorant contains ingredients that work to neutralize odor Botanical extracts grain alcohol and particular essential oils were all chosen by Common Sense Farms for their ... more
  • Housewares & Cleaning Aids > Natural Insecticides Bug Band - Natural Insecticides - portable diffuser insect repellent (786216877017)

    Item #: 117351
    Bug Band Portable Diffuser Insect Repellent applications Single replaceable cartridge will repel insects for up to 120 hours Repellent produces a pleasant natural fragrance Effective coverage area 200-300 Square Feet Battery operated 3 AA batteries not included) Place the bags on screened porches patios and other outdoor enclosures Can be used indoors or outdoors Bug Band Portable Diffuser Insect ... more
  • personal care > Facial Lotions Aubrey Organics - Facial Lotions - calming skin therapy moisturizer with aloe & sea aster - 1.70 oz. (749985009522)

    Item #: 126672
    Aubrey Organics Calming Skin Therapy Moisturizer firms and rehydrates sensitive skin and helps reduce redness for a soft healthy complexion Aubrey Organics Calming Skin Therapy Moisturizer is formulated with nature's most precious ingredients to counterbalance daily stressors Sensitive skin prone to redness and irritation benefits from this blend of ultra-soothing sea aster and organic aloe vera Sea ... more
  • personal care > anti-aging skin care Aubrey Organics - anti-aging skin care - revitalizing therapy moisturizer with rosa mosqueta rose hip seed oil - 1.70 oz. (749985009126)

    Item #: 126644
    Aubrey Organics Revitalizing Therapy Moisturizer is a rich moisturizing treatment that reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles firms skin and restores youthful softness for a healthy vibrant complexion Aubrey Organics brings a delicate balance of nature and science to your daily skin care Aubrey Organics signature Revitalizing Therapy Moisturizer contains Rosa Mosqueta oil cold-pressed from ... more
  • Baby & Child Health > Vegetable, Fruit & Green Supplements Amazing Grass - Vegetable, Fruit & Green Supplements - kidz superfood powder 30 servings wild berry - 6.50 oz. (829835000333)

    Item #: 105286
    Amazing Grass Kidz Superfood Wild Berry Flavor Drink Powder Kidz SuperFood Wild Berry flavor is a nutritional powerhouse that contains no artificial colors flavors fillers or other unnecessary stuff Kidz SuperFood contains over 70% certified organic ingredients It's a whole food source of antioxidants which supports immune system New Amazing Grass Kids Superfood Wild Berry Flavor Move over pomegranate ... more
  • Teas & Coffee > Chamomile Teas Alvita - Chamomile Teas - chamomile tea - 24 Tea Bags (027434037990)

    Item #: 125685
    Alvita...brewed with confidence steeped in tradition Alvita TeaA Company Dedicated to the EnvironmentWalk into any health food store these days and you will be instantly overwhelmed with the wide range of teas that are available Not only is there a seemingly endless variety of teas made from various herbs but there are dozens of brands of tea that all claim to be organic or healthy One of the top brands ... more
  • Diet & Weight Loss > Carnitine Primaforce - alcalean 100% acetyl l-carnitine 500 mg. - 100 Vegetarian Capsules (181030000014)

    Item #: 77501
    Primaforce Alcalean 100% Acetyl L-Carnitine provides 100% high grade acetyl l-carnitine Alcalean helps improve performance burn fat and enhance recovery Alcalean can also help improve memory learning capacity cardiovascular function hearing and visual function and reduce stress and depression Benefits Improve Performance Burn Fat Maximize Focus About Primaforce Primaforce was created to provide consumers ... more
  • health foods > Superfood Drink Mixes Navitas Naturals - Superfood Drink Mixes - raw camu camu powder rainforest superfruit - 3 oz. (858847000208)

    Item #: 105820
    Navitas Naturals Raw Camu Camu Powder Rainforest Superfruit is a milled powder made from organic camu berries grown in Peru As the most potent known source of vitamin C in the world Camu contains 30 to 60 times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges Camu also contains a wide range of antioxidants and other phytonutrients and is an ideal bioavailable way to strengthen the body through nutritionally ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Lutein Nature's Way - lutein 20 mg. - 60 Softgels (033674154915)

    Item #: 55022
    Nature's Way Lutein has been double packaged and printed with the Nature's Way logo to ensure the quality freshness you deserve Lutein is an essential carotenoid found in the macular section of the retina Lutein helps protect the retina from harmful ultraviolet UV) light and free radicals Nature's Way uses the free form of lutein as found in nature which is readily absorbed by the body About Nature's ... more
  • Sports Nutrition > Whey Protein Concentrate Powders Natural Factors - Whey Protein Concentrate Powders - whey factors 100% natural whey protein unflavored - 12 oz. (068958029290)

    Item #: 66920
    Natural Factors Whey Factors is a pure source of high quality whey protein with no added sugar that provides support for muscle development and repair as well as the immune system No Sugar added No artificial Sweeteners GMO Free BSE and rBGH free (From cows that have not been treated with growth hormones) Non-denatured microfiltered pure whey Low in lactose--only 1 gram per serving High in protein--15 ... more
  • Herbs > Milk Thistle Natural Factors - milk thistle phytosome 150 mg. - 90 Capsules (068958048000)

    Item #: 64568
    Natural Factors Standardized Milk Thistle Phytosome capsules are standardized to 80% Silymarin a mixture of valuable flavonolignans bound to phosphatidylcholine from lecithin) to enhance bioavailability Numerous clinical studies show that Silymarin supports and promotes liver function in healthy individuals It provides a protective antioxidant effect on the liver fortifying it against the undesirable ... more
  • Women's Health > Menopause Support Natural Factors - Menopause Support - womensense menosense hot flashes menopause formula - 90 Capsules (068958049502)

    Item #: 64565
    Natural Factors Women Sense Meno Sense an all-natural formula designed to provide support for symptoms associated with menopause such as hot flashes and night sweats Natural Factors priority is enhancing people's health They offer more than 300 different formulas available exclusively at natural health stores They are family-owned Canadian-based business They have produced and sold quality supplements ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Liver Support Formulas Natural Factors - Liver Support Formulas - dr. murray's liver health formula - 60 Capsules (068958035468)

    Item #: 48363
    Natural Factors Liver Health Formula supplies key substances used by the liver to help detoxify harmful chemicals It also contains important phytochemicals that act to protect liver cells from damage in an effort to support normal liver function.Natural Factors priority is enhancing people's health.They offer more than 300 different formulas available exclusively at natural health stores They are family-owned ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Bone Support Formulas Himalaya Herbal Healthcare - Bone Support Formulas - osteocare for optimum bone support - 120 Vegetarian Capsules (605069026017)

    Item #: 128979
    Himalaya OsteoCare for Optimum Bone Support is a unique proprietary herbal formula which helps maintain healthy bone structure by promoting adequate calcium supplementation and other essential nutrients for strong bones and normal hormone levels Himalaya Osteo Care for Optimum Bone Support combines several sources of bioavailable calcium to assist in preserving existing bone mineral mass and protein ... more
  • Women's Health > Breast Cancer Awareness Products Vitanica Professional - Breast Cancer Awareness Products - breast cycle blend - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (708118010354)

    Item #: 135136
    Vitanica Professional Breast Cycle Blend is a unique formula designed to support the normal physiological responses of the breast to cycle hormonal changes Vitanica Breast Cycle Support contains all the scientifically researched natural substances that support the relief of cyclical changes in the breasts such as Vitamin A Vitamin E iodine and essential fatty acids In addition dandelion root was added ... more
  • Herbs > Turmeric Vibrant Health - Turmeric - curcuminoid 95+ 250 mg. - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (074306800077)

    Item #: 70041
    Curcuminoids are bioactive pigments from Turmeric with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant attributes traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to support digestive health liver health and skin health Vibrant Health's Curcuminoids 95+ delivers 250 mg of extract of Turmeric root in each Vegicap The extract is more than 95% curcuminoids curcumin demethoxycurcumin bisdemethoxycurcumin) bio-active phenolic ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Antioxidants Solgar - Antioxidants - astaxanthin 10 mg. - 30 Softgels (033984362048)

    Item #: 108316
    Solgar proudly introduces Astaxanthin 10 mg softgels offering higher dosages of this super antioxidant to their line Each Solgar Astaxanthin offers astaxanthin derived from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis H pluvialis) These premium formulas also contain trace amounts of naturally-occurring carotenoids including lutein canthaxanthin and beta-carotene Plus they're free of gluten wheat and dairy A naturally-occurring ... more
  • Pet Care > Omegas for Pets Plato Pet Treats - Omegas for Pets - wild alaskan salmon oil for dogs & cats - 15.50 oz. (859554001236)

    Item #: 109945
    Plato Pet Treats Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil For Dogs Cats is naturally preserved with no synthetic flavors or artificial colors What could be smarter for your pet than healthier skin and a glossier coat Not to mention a healthier immune system better cardiovascular health and healthier brain activity Just a few drops of Wild Salmon Oil at mealtime is all it takes Made from fresh salmon from pure Alaskan ... more
  • Personal Care > Bar Soaps Organix South - Bar Soaps - naked organix sea buckthorn cleansing bar - 4 oz. (666183823326)

    Item #: 107598
    Organix South Naked Organix Sea Buckthorn Cleansing Bar Sea Buckthorn known as the Holy Fruit of the Himalayas has been a cherished plant for thousand of years Sea Buckthorn's rich Essential Fatty Acid profile and antioxidant benefits a make it an ideal ingredient for cellular rejuvenation and protection from the signs of aging Sea Buckthorn Rejuvenating Therapé Botanical Name Hippphae Rhamnoides ... more
  • Personal Care > Anti-Aging Skin Care NIP+FAB - Anti-Aging Skin Care - no needle fix intensive plumping serum - 1.70 oz. (5060236970992)

    Item #: 131380
    Nip and Fab No Needle Fix Serum plumps and firms skin to reduce the appearance of fine lines giving you younger looking skin No Needle Fix is a revolution in anti-ageing skin care A plumping + volumizing serum for younger looking skin CellActive FORM plumps the appearance of fine lines whilst OSILIFT acts as an instant tensor blurring imperfections to reduce the look of wrinkles Using No Needle Fix ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Niacin Formulas Thorne Research - Niacin Formulas - niacinamide 500 mg. - 180 Vegetarian Capsules (693749131021)

    Item #: 138390
    Thorne Research Niacinamide is for cellular protection and antioxidant support The B vitamin niacinamide also known as nicotinamide is one form of vitamin B3 It acts as an antioxidant inhibiting free radical formation and has been shown to promote pancreatic beta-cell regeneration Niacinamide has been found to stimulate GABA an inhibitory neurotransmitter) receptors without binding to the receptor ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Vitamin B6 Solgar - vitamin b6 100 mg. - 250 Vegetarian Capsules (033984031111)

    Item #: 67435
    Solgar Vitamin B6 Vitamin B6 is part of the group of essential nutrients known as the B Complex B Complex vitamins including B6 work to support and promote energy metabolism in the body B6 helps maintain healthy nervous system and brain function Along with folic acid and B12 B6 promotes heart health by supporting healthy levels of homocysteine It also plays an integral role in the production of red ... more
  • goal > lose weight Solgar - lose weight - tonalin cla 1250 mg. - 60 Softgels (033984027145)

    Item #: 106509
    Solgar Tonalin CLA 1250 mg is sourced from natural safflower oil natural and environmentally sustainable Conjugated Linoleic Acid CLA) is a slightly altered form of the essential fatty acid linoleic acid Over 200 studies have shown that CLA may play a very important role not only in weight loss but in helping to fight cancer diabetes and atherosclerosis hardening of the arteries) In promoting weight ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Cysteine Solgar - l-cysteine free form 500 mg. - 90 Vegetarian Capsules (033984009622)

    Item #: 67561
    L-Cysteine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that helps synthesize keratin a protein found in skin hair and nails It is also a precursor to L-Glutathione a tripeptide involved in one of the body's detoxification systems This product provides Free Form L-Cysteine to promote optimal absorption and assimilation Solgar L-Cysteine Free Form Contains No Gluten No Wheat No Dairy No Soy No Yeast No Sugar ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Grape Seed Extract (OPC's) Solgar - Grape Seed Extract (OPC's) - grape seed extract 100 mg. - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (033984013568)

    Item #: 113030
    Solgar Grape Seed Extract naturally contains polyphenols known as aligomeric roanthocyanidins OPCs) these active ingredients also exist in many plants and herbs such as green tea bilberry and cranberry and are important to healthful traditions around the world In addition to being cardio protective proanthocyanidin compounds possess the powerful antioxidant properties that help fight cell-damaging ... more
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