Product listing: 'Nature's Fusions - Essential Oils - soothing therapeutic essential oil bruises & bleeding blend - 15 ml.'   to   'Natural Factors - Probiotics (Acidophilus Formulas) - dr. murray's ultimate probiotic 12/12 formula - 60 Vegetarian Capsules'

  • Aromatherapy > Essential Oils Nature's Fusions - Essential Oils - soothing therapeutic essential oil bruises & bleeding blend - 15 ml. (741459740252)

    Item #: 137906
    Nature's Fusions Soothing Therapeutic Essential Oil Bruises Bleeding Blend was designed with natural health professionals for bruises bleeding and enlarged veins Most people use this blend to stop bleeding and prevent bruises Try applying a small amount of Nature's Fusions Soothing Bruises Bleeding Blend to an adhesive bandage.Stops Bleeding Prevents Bruising Medical Grade 100% Pure Chemical Pesticide ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Ornithine Twinlab - l-ornithine 500 mg. - 100 Capsules (027434001472)

    Item #: 108222
    Twinlab L-Ornithine free form amino acid is manufactured by the body when another amino acid arginine is metabolized during the production of urea a constituent of urine) As with amino acids in general ornithine is predominantly found in meat fish dairy and eggs Western diets typically provide 5 grams per day The body also produces ornithine Well tolerated by most highly allergic individuals No tablet ... more
  • Herbs > Astragalus Nature's Plus - herbal actives astragalus 450 mg. - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (097467071124)

    Item #: 64685
    Nature's Plus Herbal Actives Astragalus root extract is uniformly standardized to a minimum of 0.4% 1.8 mg) 4'-Hydroxy-3-methoxyIsoflavone 7-sug to guarantee that each and every capsule provides consistent potency and activity Each Nature's Plus Herbal Actives Astragalus capsule providing the greatest concentration of active botanical principles maximizes the synergistic benefits of the whole root ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Colostrum Kal - colostrum powder - 100 Grams (021245559030)

    Item #: 65819
    KAL™ Colostrum Powder dietary supplement is sourced from 100% pure New Zealand colostrum Colostrum is a concentrate of nutrients and protective nourishment that can support general health and well-being The colostrum is obtained from the cow within 48 hours of calving and is processed in New Zealand under a fully implemented HACCP Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) program BSE Bovine Spongiform ... more
  • Baby & Child Health > Multivitamins Garden of Life - Multivitamins - vitamin code kids whole food multivitamin cherry berry - 60 Chewables (658010114400)

    Item #: 103860
    Learn More Health LibraryRelevant Health Library InfoAre Your Children Getting The Vitamins They Need Clean vs Not-So-Clean For Childhood AllergiesMultiple Vitamin-Mineral SupplementsNutrition Recommendations For ChildrenNutritional Help For Children With AutismPrenatal Vitamins Support Full-Term PregnancySmart New School Food Rules Good Nutrition SenseVitamin D May Be Key To Fewer Childhood EarachesVitamins ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Fiber Yerba Prima - fiber plus powder - 12 oz. (046352002132)

    Item #: 69473
    Fiber Plus Powder is Yerba Prima's most powerful formula to restore and promote regularity Yerba Prima Fiber Plus Powder contains all the benefits of fiber plus the additional colon cleansing benefits of senna in a base of purifying herbs Yerba Prima Fiber Plus Powder provides a quick thorough cleansing of the colon when needed.Yerba Prima's combination of senna fiber and purifying herbs is unique ... more
  • Health Foods > Seasonings & Spices Starwest Botanicals - Seasonings & Spices - bulk spearmint leaf c/s - 1 lb. (767963025081)

    Item #: 132265
    Starwest Botanicals Spearmint Leaf C S Organic is Certified Kosher and Organic Starwest Botanicals Spearmint Leaf C S Organic is available in a one pound bag Starwest Botanicals Spearmint Leaf is cut and sifted C S) Botanical Name Mentha gracilis Origin United States Spearmint leaf's botanical name in Latin is Mentha spicata The familiar scent of spearmint is released from the leaves when they are ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Super Fruits Solaray - Super Fruits - cranactin cranberry af extract 400 mg. - 180 Vegetarian Capsules (076280084221)

    Item #: 65006
    Solaray CranActin Cranberry AF Extract is the leading Cranberry dietary supplement What makes the Solaray CranActin Cranberry AF Extract unique is that it is the first commercial cranberry supplement to be tested for and guaranteed to contain cranberry's bacterial antiadherence activity The Solaray CranActin Cranberry AF Extract supplement is supported by pharmacokinetic and clinical research True ... more
  • Herbs > Sleep Formulas Herb Pharm - Sleep Formulas - relaxing sleep tonic compound - 1 oz. (090900000415)

    Item #: 63780
    Herb Pharm Relaxing Sleep Tonic Compound Promotes Relaxation Restful Sleep A Healthy Farm Yields Healthy HerbsAt Herb Pharm we grow most of our herbs on the Pharm Farm – our certified organic farm located in a rural valley of the Siskiyou Mountains in southern Oregon As organic farmers we never use synthetic fertilizers herbicides and pesticides nor do we use genetically modified seeds Instead we ... more
  • Professional Supplements > Douglas Laboratories Douglas Laboratories - stress b plus - 90 Tablets (310539974520)

    Item #: 106908
    Douglas Laboratories Stress B Plus is a comprehensive B supplement providing all of the essential B vitamins as well as related nutrients As co-enzymes the B vitamins are essential components in most major metabolic reactions They play an important role in energy production including the metabolism of lipids carbohydrates and proteins B vitamins are also important for blood cells hormones and nervous ... more
  • Professional Supplements > DaVinci Laboratories DaVinci Laboratories - cal-mag citrate powder - 4.90 oz. (026664221933)

    Item #: 121468
    DaVinci Labs Cal-Mag Citrate Powder supports bone function DaVinci Labs Cal-Mag Citrate Powder combines a 2:1 ratio of elemental calcium to magnesium in the citrate form along with Vitamin D to enhance absorption Calcium citrate is easy to absorb allowing a high percentage of elemental calcium and magnesium to be utilized by the body DaVinci Labs Cal-Mag Citrate Powder is important for neurological ... more
  • Baby & Child Health > Multivitamins Carlson Labs - Multivitamins - kids chewable vitamin c 250 mg. - 120 Chewable Tablets (088395031014)

    Item #: 118853
    Carlson Labs Kids Chewable Vitamin C is a chewable buffered Vitamin C with the fresh taste of tangerines Carlson Labs Kids Chewable Vitamin C contains Calcium Ascorbate providing Vitamin C in a tasty non-acidic buffered form Chewable non-buffered forms of Vitamin C may contribute to dental erosion and cavities and may upset a child's sensitive tummy Carlson Labs Kids Chewable Vitamin C is easy to chew ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Probiotics (Acidophilus Formulas) ReNew Life - Probiotics (Acidophilus Formulas) - ultimate flora extra care daily probiotic 30 billion - 30 Vegetarian Capsules (631257158628)

    Item #: 134243
    ReNew Life Ultimate Flora Extra Care Daily Probiotic 30 Billion is a high-potency once daily probiotic supplement formulated for those who want a higher culture count of good bacteria to help relieve digestive issues such as occasional gas bloating constipation and irritable bowel ReNew Life Ultimate Flora Extra Care Daily Probiotic 30 Billion contains 30 billion active probiotic cultures per capsule ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Omega 3 Fish Oil ReNew Life - Omega 3 Fish Oil - norwegian gold ultimate fish oil first omega - 60 Gelcaps (631257155863)

    Item #: 74597
    Why should I take fish oil supplements Fish oil supplements supply the essential fatty acid Omega-3 Omega-3 can only be obtained from the food and supplements we consume The typical American diet is very low in omega-3s and it is very beneficial to supplement your dietary intake of omega-3 with fish oil supplements What are the main benefits of taking fish oil supplements Essential to healthy digestion ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Calcium Flora - floradix calcium liquid - 8.50 oz. (079651147822)

    Item #: 60629
    Flora Salus Haus Floradix Calcium Liquid Mineral Supplement 250 mlFlora Salus Haus Floradix Calcium Liquid Mineral Supplement is for the maximum absorption of calcium The body requires calcium on a daily basis to ensure good health Calcium is essential in the formation and upkeep of bone structure in the body Calcium is also vital for healthy strong teeth.Although calcium is one of the most widely ... more
  • Health Foods > Plant Protein Country Life - Plant Protein - biochem 100% whey protein powder natural flavor - 10.50 oz. (015794092001)

    Item #: 130564
    Biochem’s 100% Whey Protein is made from the finest certified organic whey protein concentrate available Biochem Organic 100% Whey Protein is manufactured using a natural membrane filtration system similar to the UF MF method used in all other Biochem 100% Whey products which maximizes the nutrients and provides high quality whey protein concentrate Biochem Organic 100% Whey Protein Powder is suitable ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Glucosamine Formulas Source Naturals - Glucosamine Formulas - glucosamine 750 mg. - 240 Tablet(s) (021078018261)

    Item #: 134628
    Source Naturals Vegetarian Glucosamine 750 mg is a new form of glucosamine derived from corn to support your healthy joints Glucosamine is an essential structural component of glycosaminoglycans the building blocks that help lubricate joints nourish cartilage and connective tissue assist in wound healing and support the strong healthy structure of your skin and joints Suitable for vegetarians Contains ... more
  • Diet & Weight Loss > CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid Source Naturals - CLA - Conjugated Linoleic Acid - diet tonalin-cla 1000 mg. - 120 Softgels (021078009504)

    Item #: 69177
    Source Naturals Diet Tonalin CLA may help reduce body fat Source Naturals Diet Tonalin CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid is a fatty acid derived from safflower oil Source Naturals Diet Tonalin CLA's potential benefits are cited in U.S Patent 5,554,646 which states that CLA plays a role in reducing body fat and increasing body protein muscle) in animals Clinical trials are currently being conducted to confirm ... more
  • Pet Care > Dog Food I And Love And You - 12 patties - 12 Pack (818336010279)

    Item #: 131526
    I And Love And You Power Pucks Freeze Dried Dog Food Beef Recipe is the ultimate freeze dried dog food I And Love And You Power Pucks are nutrient packed with beef vegetables and fruits for dogs I And Love And You Power Pucks contain the same type of raw natural ingredients that dogs were meant to eat and enjoy I And Love And You Power Pucks Freeze Fried Dog Food can be served as is or re-hydrated ... more
  • Herbs > Sleep Formulas New Chapter - Sleep Formulas - tranquilnite plus - 30 Softgels (727783040695)

    Item #: 53521
    New Chapter Tranquilnite Pluse is a supercritical new chapter in restful sleep New Chapter's Tranquilnite Plus is an herbal lullaby With Tranquilnite Plus the stresses and tensions of your day will quickly melt into the comfort of deep and satisfying sleep Your deepest periods of sleep will become longer and more replenishing and Tranquilnite Plus will leave you rested and refreshed in the morning ... more
  • Men's Health > Prostate Support New Chapter - Prostate Support - prostate take care - 60 Softgels (727783004109)

    Item #: 120208
    New Chapter Prostate Take Care offers total prostate protection New Chapter Prostate Take Care promotes normal urine flow and prostate function New Chapter Prostate Take Care includes a proprietary Saw Palmetto complex New Chapter Prostate Take Care formula targets specific areas of wellness and provide combinations of whole-food complexed vitamins minerals herbs and superfoods to support optimal health ... more
  • Men's Health > Prostate Support New Chapter - Prostate Support - prostate 5lx - 60 Softgels (727783040497)

    Item #: 52933
    New Chapter Prostate 5LX with Saw Palmetto Selenium Pumpkin Seed Oil and Stinging Nettle 60 SoftgelsNew Chapter Prostate 5LX provides total prostate protection New Chapter's Prostate 5LX formulation represents a scientific breakthrough in herbal 5-lipoxygenase 5-LO) modulation and prostate health Scientific studies including one published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggest ... more
  • Women's Health > Essential Fatty Acids New Chapter - Essential Fatty Acids - supercritical omega 7 - 30 Softgels (727783040893)

    Item #: 53674
    New Chapter Supercritical Omega 7 provides traditional skin and membrane support Omega 7 is traditionally used to support the mucous membrane health of the digestive respiratory and urogenital systems Omega-3 -6 and 9 Most people have heard of these essential fatty-acids and they should already be part of your daily health routine Omega-3 is abundant in fresh flax and fish such as salmon In borage ... more
  • Herbs > Curcumin New Chapter - Curcumin - turmericforce - 60 Softgels (727783040442)

    Item #: 53523
    New Chapter Turmeric Force contains Dual Extracted Turmeric New Chapter has been in love with turmeric for decades They grow it on their biodynamic farm in Costa Rica which is nestled in the volcanic mountains adjoining the Children's International Rainforest Turmeric has long been revered as the foundation of an herbal program for health In India's system of Ayurvedic medicine turmeric has been recognized ... more
  • Women's Health > Urinary Tract Support Natural Factors - Urinary Tract Support - dr. murray's ultimate probiotic women's formula - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (068958018492)

    Item #: 48774
    Natural Factors Dr Murray's Ultimate Probiotic Women's Formula with CranRich KeyFeatures and Benefits:Large variety of lactobacilli and bifidobacteria probiotic species in order to better reflect the natural composition of intestinal and vaginal flora Probiotic species selection based on published clinical studies on intestinal and vaginal flora balance including the strain lactobacilli fermentum HA-179 ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Stress Support Natural Factors - Stress Support - stress-relax pharma gaba fast acting - 60 Chewable Tablets (068958028354)

    Item #: 65726
    Natural Factors Stress-Relax Pharma GABA is a superior source of GABA a naturally produced form of the important brain compound Gamma Amino Butyric Acid.(GABA) Clinical studies have shown PharmaGABA helps to increase the production of alpha brain waves to create a profound sense of physical relaxation while maintaining mental focus in a tasty fruit flavored chewable tablet Promotes Relaxation Mental ... more
  • Diet & Weight Loss > PGX Natural Factors - slimstyles pgx - 180 Capsules (068958035543)

    Item #: 65411
    Natural Factors PGX PolyGlycopleX) is a unique blend of highly-purified water-soluble polysaccharides plant fibres) Compared to other soluble fibres significantly less PGX is required to obtain the same important health benefits including blood glucose balance appetite control and a reduction in food cravings It is important to drink lots of water with PGX as it continues to thicken and expand after ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Salmon Oil Omega 3 Natural Factors - Salmon Oil Omega 3 - omegafactors wild alaskan salmon oil 1000 mg. - 180 Enteric Coated Softg (068958022635)

    Item #: 64690
    Natural Factors Salmon Oil is a healthier choice than farmed salmon which often found to contain high antibiotic PCB and dioxin levels Rich in omega-3 fatty acids wild salmon oil has a naturally occurring ratio of EPA to DHA Wild Salmon is a better environmental choice to salmon farms pollute coastal waters The oil is extracted from already harvested stocks Natural Factors Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil is ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Pycnogenol Natural Factors - pycnogenol 25 mg. - 60 Capsules (068958020907)

    Item #: 64968
    Natural Factors Pycnogenol 25 mg French maritime pine bark is a powerful antioxidant Natural Factors Pycnogenol provides strength to blood vessels and connective tissue Natural Factors Pycnogenol also improves visual performance and promotes healthy skin The Natural Factors Philosophy Natural Factors' supplements are part of a holistic approach to personal health Roland Gahler is Natural Factors' visionary ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Probiotics (Acidophilus Formulas) Natural Factors - Probiotics (Acidophilus Formulas) - dr. murray's ultimate probiotic 12/12 formula - 60 Vegetarian Capsules (068958018478)

    Item #: 48772
    Natural Factors Ultimate Probiotic 12 12 FormulaKey Features and Benefits:Large variety and good mix of lactobacilli small intestine) and bifidobacteria large intestine) probiotic species in order to cover the entire intestinal tract Probiotic species selection based on published clinical studies Probiotic strains from human and dairy origin natural inhabitants of human's intestinal flora Naturally ... more
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