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  • Nutritional Supplements > Bioflavonoids Solgar - Bioflavonoids - quercetin complex with ester-c plus - 100 Vegetarian Capsules - $19.76

    Item #: 67129
    Solgar’s Quercetin Complex includes the important bioflavonoid Quercetin in a synergistic formula with Ester-C Plus and Bromelain to provide unique antioxidant protection as well as natural seasonal support Quercetin is found in onions and other foods It possesses antioxidant properties which help to stabilize cell membranes Ester-C Plus provides a patented pH neutral non acidic) form of vitamin C ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Omega 3 Fish Oil Spectrum Essentials - Omega 3 Fish Oil - fish oil omega-3 1000 mg. - 250 Softgels - $19.76

    Item #: 68181
    Spectrum Essentials Fish Oil Omega-3 1000 mg contains the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA Spectrum Essentials Fish Oil Omega-3 1000 mg comes from non-threatened species of wild-caught small plankton-feeding fish anchovies mackerel and sardines) that are low on the food chain Harvesting these types of fish also ensures that our oil tests below acceptable limits of harmful contaminants set by the Council ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Bone Support Formulas Solgar - Bone Support Formulas - calcium citrate with vitamin d3 - 240 Tablets - $19.76

    Item #: 82217
    Solgar Calcium Citrate With Vitamin D3 is an essential mineral needed every day for proper health 99% of the body's calcium can be found in the bones This mineral provides the building blocks that help keep bones and teeth strong and healthy In addition calcium helps to support the health of other system in the body including the colon heart musculoskeletal and nervous system and is a component of ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Lutein Solgar - lutein eye health 40 mg. - 30 Softgels - $19.76

    Item #: 84536
    Scientific evidence indicates that Lutein helps filter out high energy blue-light from the sun and artificial light which may otherwise induce oxidative stress and possible free radical damage to the eyes and skin Solgar Lutein 40 mg was developed to promote eye health healthy skin and skin hydration Solgar Lutein Eye Health Contains No Gluten No Wheat No Dairy No Yeast No Sugar No Sodium No Artificial ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Antioxidants Solgar - Antioxidants - astaxanthin complex 5 mg. - 60 Softgels - $19.76

    Item #: 108320
    Solgar proudly introduces Astaxanthin 5 mg softgels offering higher dosages of this super antioxidant to their line Each Solgar Astaxanthin offers astaxanthin derived from the algae Haematococcus pluvialis H pluvialis) These premium formulas also contain trace amounts of naturally-occurring carotenoids including lutein canthaxanthin and beta-carotene Plus they're free of gluten wheat and dairy A naturally-occurring ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Biotin Solgar - biotin enhanced potency 1000 mcg. - 250 Vegetarian Capsules - $19.76

    Item #: 112960
    Solgar Biotin is a water-soluble B-vitamin It helps to promote healthy skin nails and hair and is necessary for certain enzymes to work properly Biotin also supports energy production in the body and is required tfor protein carbohydrate and fat metabolism Solgar Biotin Enchanced Potency 1000 mg Promotes Healthy Skin Promotes Healthy Nails Promotes Healthy Hair Solgar Biotin Enchanced Potency Contains ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Lecithin Solgar - lecithin unbleached 1360 mg. - 250 Softgels - $19.76

    Item #: 112994
    Solgar Lecithin supplements are a vital source of this important nutrient and may be especially important since levels of phospholipids in the brain may decline with age Lecithin also promotes cell growth and supports nervous and cardiovascular health What is Lecithin Lecithin is the major lipid component making up the cell membranes of our body It is produced naturally in our bodily systems and present ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Energy Shots & Drinks FoodScience of Vermont - Energy Shots & Drinks - superior oranges with coq10 fatigue fighter - 300 Grams - $19.75

    Item #: 77042
    FoodScience of Vermont Superior Oranges is a great-tasting combination of fresh fruits and vegetables blended with an energizing array of fatigue-fighting nitrients Green Coffee Bean extract supports energy levels DMG Taurine Inositol and White Panax Ginseng further enhance this formula FoodScience of Vermont Superior Oranges is a smart and delicious way to start your morning Each serving of FoodScience ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > 5-HTP Superior Source - 5-htp instant dissolve 75 mg. - 60 Tablets - $19.75

    Item #: 106953
    Superior Source 5-HTP hydroxytryptophan) instant dissolve tablets supports the production of serotonin an important substance for healthy nerve and brain function and the normal regulation of mood and normal sleep patterns Instant Dissolve MicroLingual Tablets go to work fast bypassing the digestive system as they are quickly absorbed directly into the body under the tongue Superior Source Less is ... more
  • Gift Ideas > Water Purification Gifts Barrier Water Filters - Water Purification Gifts - water pitcher filter replacement - 3 Pack - $19.75

    Item #: 110240
    Barrier Water Filters Water Pitcher Filter Replacement fits all models of Barrier pitchers Barrier Water Filters Water Pitcher Filter Replacement is intended only for the treatment of tap water for drinking purposes from organic and inorganic contaminants such as aesthetic chlorine lindane copper mercury and cadmium while reducing bad odor and improving taste Barrier Water Filters Water Pitcher Filter ... more
  • Women's Health > Multiple Vitamins Nature's Plus - Multiple Vitamins - source of life gold adult multi-vitamin orange grape cherry - 60 Gummies - $19.75

    Item #: 131942
    Nature's Plus Source of Life Gold Adult Multi Gummies are now available in three fantastic fruit flavors delightful cherry luscious grape and juicy orange These refreshingly juicy and delightfully sweet gummies make it easy for adults to now enjoy the whole food based benefits of Source of Life Gold Showcasing over 110 whole foods including Organic Gold Standard whole food potentiators such as guava ... more
  • Health Foods > Pea Protein NOW Foods - pea protein 100% pure vegetable protein vanilla toffee - 2 lbs. - $19.75

    Item #: 132538
    Now Foods Pea Protein is a Pure Non-GMO Vegetable Protein NOW Foods Pea Protein is made from peas which are well known for being a highly bioavailable protein Additionally they have no major allergens Collectively this makes pea protein an ideal source of post-workout nutrition for athletes who may have difficulty supplementing with other types of protein NOW Sports Pea Protein is a Non-GMO vegetable ... more
  • Baby & Child Health > Immune Support Source Naturals - Immune Support - wellness children's immune - 120 Chewable Wafers - $19.75

    Item #: 134682
    A strong immune system is especially important for children Source Naturals Children's Immune Chewable wafers support the immune system Try Source Naturals Children's Immune Chewable for your child's health today Source Naturals Children's Immune Chewable is the perfect supplement to get your child ready to fight germs when going back to school Source Naturals Children's Immune Chewable Supports Wellness ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Circulation Support Kroeger Herbs - Circulation Support - herbal combinations circuflow - 270 Capsules - $19.74

    Item #: 52745
    Kroeger Herbs Herbal Combination CircuFlowDiscoveries new and old meet in Kroeger Herbs Herbal Combination Circu Flow blend to address the ever-present concern for maintenance of proper heart function Kroeger Herbs Herbal Combination CircuFlow is number one on Kroeger Herbs' popularity list First manufactured in 1984 after years of success with the individual ingredients Remember to combine Kroeger ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Liquid Formulas Nature's Way - Liquid Formulas - alive liquid multi vitamins & minerals natural citrus - 30 oz. - $19.74

    Item #: 54895
    Nature's Way Alive Liquid Multi Vitamins is now in a delicious citrus liquid and is the perfect option for those who don't like swallowing pills Take it once daily all by itself or mix it into your favorite beverage or smoothie Alive is the ultimate nutritional energy source-with the greatest diversity of daily essentials whole food concentrates phytonutrients and antioxidants to nourish protect and ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Cod Liver Oil Carlson Labs - norwegian cod liver oil regular flavor - 8.40 oz. - $19.74

    Item #: 59636
    Carlson Labs Norwegian Cod Liver Oil comes from the livers of fresh cod fish found in the arctic ocean waters of Norway The oil is separated from the liver tissues without the use of chemicals To ensure the freshness of the oil the air inside the bottle is replaced with nitrogen and natural-source vitamin E is added Fish oil is the only major source of the polyunsaturated Omega-3's EPA and DHA.DHA ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Cod Liver Oil Carlson Labs - cod liver oil fruit splash - 8.40 oz. - $19.74

    Item #: 122600
    Carlson Labs Norwegian Cod Liver Oil comes from the livers of fresh cod fish found in the arctic ocean waters of Norway Carlson Labs Norwegian Cod Liver Oil is separated from the liver tissues without the use of chemicals To ensure the freshness of Carlson Labs Norwegian Cod Liver Oil the air inside the bottle is replaced with nitrogen and natural-source vitamin E is added Carlson Labs Norwegian Cod ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Acid Neutralizing Formulas Solaray - Acid Neutralizing Formulas - multidophilus 3 billion triple strain formula - 180 Capsules - $19.73

    Item #: 67280
    L bulgaricus is intended to help the GI tract be more suitable for the survival and growth of L acidophilus and B bifidum L acidophilus is the primary bacteria of the small intestine while bifidus is the major bacteria of the large intestine The strains of L acidophilus and bifidus used in this product have been the subject of in-vitro tests to help ensure they are more likely to be implantable attaching ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Energy Shots & Drinks Amazing Grass - Energy Shots & Drinks - green superfood energy drink powder lemon lime - 15 Packet(s) - $19.73

    Item #: 105281
    Add a packet to your favorite beverage to naturally support Digestion Anti-Aging Metabolism Body Alkalinity Immune System Healthy Skin and Hair Appetite and Weight Control Just one packet provides A delicious drink powder to help you achieve your recommended 5 to 9 daily servings of fruit and vegetables Probiotics and enzymes to aid digestion Complete raw food with powerful antioxidants Alkaline green ... more
  • Health Foods > Superfood Drink Mixes Amazing Grass - Superfood Drink Mixes - green superfood orac antioxidant berry - 15 Packet(s) - $19.73

    Item #: 108879
    Amazing Grass Green SuperFood ORAC Antioxidant Greens Powder Antioxidants to the rescue 15,000 ORAC Antioxidant per Serving It’s a bird it’s a plane it’s an antioxidant These superheroes of nutrition help defend your body against the effects of evil free radicals Their power is measured through ORAC or Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity For comparison a 3.5oz serving of carrots have 210 units per ... more
  • Diet & Weight Loss > Lipotropic Formulas Nature's Plus - Lipotropic Formulas - ultra lipo-plex sustained release - 60 Tablets - $19.72

    Item #: 50438
    Nature's Plus Ultra Lipo-Plex contains mega-potencies of essential lipotropics plus a unique blend of herbs Nature's Plus Ultra Lipo-Plex tablets are formulated using a special base which provides for the gradual release of ingredients over a prolonged period of time.Free from artificial colors and preservativesFree from the common allergens yeast wheat corn soy and milkVitamin B-6Vitamin B6 is the ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Digestive Support Solgar - Digestive Support - advanced 40+ acidophilus - 120 Vegetarian Capsules - $19.72

    Item #: 82281
    Solgar Enhanced Series Advanced 40+ Acidophilus supports digestive and intestinal health Solgar Enhanced Series Advanced 40+ Acidophilus supports the healthy functioning of the intestinal system by promoting a favorable environment for the absorption of nutrients Solgar Enhanced Series Advanced 40+ Acidophilus is 100% dairy lactose and milk free Solgar Enhanced Series Advanced 40+ Acidophilus contains ... more
  • Herbs > Black Cohosh Vitanica - black cohosh - 120 Capsules - $19.71

    Item #: 69581
    Vitanica Black Cohosh Cimicifuga Extract Plus 120 capsules Vitanica Black Cohosh Cimicifuga Extract Plus is a popular Native American and traditionally used women's herb The triterpene glycosides in Black Cohosh Cimicifuga Extract has been well researched in Germany for a broad range of menopausal symptoms For the best of both worlds Vitanica combines the studied standardized extract and traditionally ... more
  • Nutritional Supplements > Chlorella Source Naturals - emerald garden chlorella 500 mg. - 200 Tablets - $19.71

    Item #: 78568
    Source Naturals Emerald Garden Organic Chlorella 500 mg - 200 TabletsSource Naturals Emerald Garden Organic Chlorella Chlorophyll-Rich Superfood is cultivated under strict USDA Organic regulations ensuring a superior form of chlorella Source Naturals Emerald Garden Organic Chlorella is a nutritious vegetarian source of protein containing seven of the eight essential amino acids Source Naturals Emerald ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formulas Mezotrace - Multiple Vitamin & Mineral Formulas - balanced formula multivitamins - 90 Tablets - $19.70

    Item #: 134111
    Mezotrace Balanced Formula Multivitamins are especially formulated to provide correct vitamin supplementation for users of Mezotrace Calcium Magnesium Natural Minerals Trace Elements Mezotrace Balanced Formula Multivitamins contains a natural bioflavonoid complex vitamin D and more Mezotrace Balanced Formula Multivitamins is free of corn soy salt yeast wheat milk and egg products sugar starch and ... more
  • Vitamins & Minerals > Womens Multiples Natural Factors - Womens Multiples - multifactors women's 50+ - 90 Vegetarian Capsules - $19.69

    Item #: 101043
    Natural Factors Multi Factors Women's 50+ contains optimum levels of over 35 vitamins minerals enzymes antioxidants and herbal extracts in just three easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules per day It is made from the highest quality ingredients and contains the proper ratios of vitamins minerals and nutrients to energize provide relief from stress protect against organ degeneration and aid in the prevention ... more
  • Enzymatic Therapy Deals > IP-6 Enzymatic Therapy - IP-6 - cell forte max3 - 120 Vegetarian Capsules - $19.69

    Item #: 60426
    Triple-strength Enzymatic Therapy Cell Forté MAX3 features an exclusive clinically-studied combination of IP-6 and inositol maitake D-fraction and POA Cat's Claw which are essential to supporting healthy cell development defending your deep immune health and delivering life-changing results.The patented combo of IP-6 and Inositol dramatically increases natural killer-cell activity and enhances normal ... more
  • Sports Nutrition > Energy Enhancers Garden of Life - Energy Enhancers - clear energy mind and body power - 60 Vegetarian Caplet(s) - $19.69

    Item #: 62450
    Invigorate your body and awaken your mind with stimulant-free Garden of Life Clear Energy Mind and Body Power The Poten-Zyme Vitamin B Energy Adaptogen Blend features essential water-soluble B vitamins that support energy and metabolism Garden of Life Clear Energy Mind and Body Power also includes Rhodiola rosea known to support physical and mental endurance plus a healthy response to stress Garden ... more
  • Herbs > Tinctures Herb Pharm - Tinctures - american ginseng extract - 1 oz. - $19.69

    Item #: 63658
    Herb Pharm American Ginseng Extract Herb Pharms prepare their American Ginseng Extract from the whole roots of Panax quinquefolius plants which are Certified Organically Grown To assure optimal extraction of American Gingseng's bioactive compounds the roots are hand-harvested in mid to late autumn are carefully shade-dried,a nd are then thoroughly extracted Single herb extracts are exactly what the ... more
  • Fall Beauty Sale > Foundations Ecco Bella - Foundations - flowercolor natural liquid foundation tan 15 spf - 1 oz. - $19.69

    Item #: 75825
    Which products are gluten-free and safe for customers with celiac sprue There is no gluten or wheat protein in any Ecco Bella product Do Ecco Bella products contain any dairy products such as lactose or casein No Which products are suitable for vegans Currently all products are vegan except for the following lip products which contain carmine Lipsticks Pink Rose Mauve Rose Claret Rose Tuscany Rose ... more
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