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BeautyFit - BeautyStrong Pre-Workout Matrix Fruit Punch - 25 Packet(s)

Scientifically Formulated To Add Lean Muscle & Enhance Exercise Performance

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    BeautyFit - BeautyStrong Pre-Workout Matrix Fruit Punch - 25 Packet(s)

    • Code#:114565
    • Manufacturer:BeautyFit
    • Size/Form:25  Packet(s)
    • Packaged Ship Weight:0.65
    • Servings:25
    • Dosage Size:1  Packet
    • Flavor title:Fruit Punch

    BeautyFit - BeautyStrong Pre-Workout Matrix Fruit Punch - 25 Packets (0.28 oz. / 8 g each)

    Beauty Fit Beauty Strong Fruit Punch Pre-Workout Matrix is the breakthrough pre-workout supplement developed by the researchers at BeautyFit. Designed for the serious female athlete, this pre-workout powder delivers dramatic results every single time you train! After just one workout, and with just one dose of BeautyStrong, you'll never train again without it! BeautyStrong pushes your workout past the next level, beyond your threshold and your breaking point. When you're aching to stop because the burn's setting deep inside your muscles, BeautyStrong allows you to push yourself further than you ever thought you could. Of course the harder you train, the harder your body gets. Period.

    Concentrated Power
    Your workout intensity will be the talk of everyone in the gym, and don't kid yourself because THEY WILL TAKE NOTICE! BeautyStrong delivers relentless fury, unstoppable energy, explosive power and increased mental clarity that you must experience to believe! These effects will course through every muscle in your body within just 30 minutes of taking it! Each serving contains an extremely concentrated dose of neural stimulants to increase your focus and intensity, along with muscle-energizing ingredients, such as Beta-Alanine, alpha-GPC, Phosphatidylserine, Rhodiola Rosea and Gingko Biloba, clinically researched and proven to deliver the very best results for your athletic performance. BeautyStrong will keep you going strong past your very last rep! This is a serious stamina fuel.

    Formulated For Women
    BeautyStrong is a Pre-Workout formula, created specifically for women. It is a scientifically formulated supplement that enhances anaerobic exercise performance, speeds up recovery, and improves mental acuity. By combining the latest nutrient timing science with the precise ratio of ingredients such as Beta-Alanine, alpha-GPC (Alpha Glycerylphosphorylcholine), phosphatidylserine, (SerinAid), Rhodiola Rosea, and Gingko biloba, BeautyStrong is an excellent pre-workout, during, and post-workout supplement that can tremendously enhance your workouts.

    BeautyStrong is formulated with the female athlete or competitor in mind and includes nutrients shown to help women quickly lose weight, tone muscle and stay healthy! It also includes high doses of the ingredient all women need for strong bones – calcium! Calcium also helps with metabolism and supporting hormonal balance in the body, something all extreme female athletes need!

    What Does BeautyStrong Do?

    • Enhanced buffering of acid build-up from intense exercise
    • Reduces exercise induced fatigue by up to 34%
    • Increase phosphocreatine recovery by up to 20%
    • Enhanced ability to fight cortisol
    • Enhance mental acuity
    • Immediate improvements in endurance exercise capacity
    • Increased exercise time to exhaustion by 14%
    • Supports hormone balancing
    • The latest in nutrient timing science
    • Sugar Free

    BeautyStrong helps your body maintain optimal pH balance in your muscles so that you can train harder and longer. It also enhances mental acuity while supporting natural growth hormone production which is essential for fat loss and recovery and lowering cortisol levels.

    Some of the key benefits include:

    • Enhanced Endurance: Contains ingredients to support prolonged endurance including Beta-Alanine, which has been shown to stimulate muscle strength, power, recovery, force output, and support increases in lean muscle.
    • Delayed Muscle Burn-Out: Provides key ingredients for resisting muscle fatigue so that you can focus on developing a hard, sexy and muscular physique!
    • Leaner, Harder Muscles: BeautyStrong contains vasodilating ingredients that support blood flow and nutrient delivery to the muscles, resulting in leaner, harder, more vascular muscle pumps with every workout!
    • Explosive Energy: A strong woman has a strong body! Our innovative formula prevents fatigue and increases energy, volume and force output for maximum workout results.
    • Increased Focus: Improves focus, physical performance, reaction time and coping with bodily stresses!

    BeautyFit BeautySlender Benefits

    • Supports Stimulant-Free Weight Loss: Provides a unique, stimulant-free formulation that supports fat burning.
    • Promotes Heart Health: Contains omega 3, 6, and 9 the essential fatty acids your body needs to help maintain normal cholesterol levels and promote heart health.
    • Reduces Sugar Cravings: Helps to improve carbohydrate utilization, allowing you to utilize this energizing macronutrient without storing it as fat.
    • Helps Maintain Lean Muscle: Contains the anti-catabolic ingredient CLA, which has been suggested to maintain hard-earned lean muscle mass while reducing body fat.
    • Attacks Stubborn Female Fat Areas: Provides a proprietary blend of fatty acids that support fat release and utilization from the stubborn areas of the female body, including the hips, thighs, butt, and stomach.
    • Enhances Skin Appearance And Condition: Contains a blend of essential fatty acids, including GLA, that help control hormonal balance, which is an important regulator of skin appearance and fluidity.
    • Helps Regulate Hormonal Metabolic Function: Contains a combination of omega fatty acids and GLA that helps accommodate fluctuations in a woman's natural biochemistry, resulting in reduced water retention and increased fat oxidation.

    BeautyFit BeautyStrong Frequently Asked Questions

    How Does BeautyStrong Work?
    Within minutes of taking BeautyStrong you will experience all this maximum strength pre-workout formulation has to offer! BeautyStrong delivers hardcore workouts every time you train!

    The key ingredient in this pre-workout product drives energizing endurance by increasing anaerobic and aerobic threshold – upping the lean muscle-building ingredient, carnosine. This primes the muscles for prolonged workouts after just the first dose. BeautyStrong also supports muscle nutrient delivery, leading to increased blood flow and harder, leaner muscles with every rep!

    The BeautyFit research team also formulated this pre-workout product with maximum strength ingredients to boost energy and focus. Ingredient s such as caffeine, which has scientifically been shown to improve concentration and sustain energy levels in athletes. But the research team didn't stop there. Designed for the serious female athlete, this product also provides calcium to support metabolic and bone-building needs!

    Who Should Use BeautyStrong?
    BeautyStrong is intended for use by only those extreme female athletes who want serious results, and are not intimidated by the weight room! BeautyStrong delivers the ultimate mix of muscle-building and energizing ingredients for maximum level workouts and optimum athletic performance each and every time you train.

    This formula is designed for only those fierce females who want extreme results, and are not afraid to put in the long, leave-nothing-behind workouts to achieve a perfectly sculpted, fitness physique!

    Simply put, the main ingredient of BeautyStrong is by far the most effective component for reducing the barrier to phenomenal workouts – lactic acid build-up.

    How Do I Take BeautyStrong?
    Due to its powerful formulation, this product should only be used on training days. Mix 1 convenient packet of BeautyStrong in 6 to 8 oz of cold water, and for the best results, you should drink 1 serving of BeautyStrong pre-exercise.

    Because timing is critical, it is best to consume it 15 minutes or less prior to exercise. Avoid in-take of protein shakes within an hour after consuming this product, as the amino acids contained in a protein shake, could compete for up-take by the muscles with the key driving muscle pumping compounds!

    How Long Before I Start To See Results?
    All it takes is just one dose of this powerful pre-workout product to experience its amazing effects! In fact, within minutes of consumption, you will be ready to take on your workout! With every set, you will experience a hardening and pump to your tight and toned muscles!

    And, within just a few weeks, you will see the benefits from this incredible formulation, as you bust through plateaus, personal bests and build the lean, hard physique you have always wanted.

    BeautyFit Values
    BeautyFit believes in you, why? Because you're worth believing in! Do they do all the work for you? No. Why? Because that's not reality and you won't own your success until you "throw the ball back" sort of speak.

    BeautyFit provides you with all of the very best they have, combine their best with your very best (commitment to proper nutrition and physical activity) and there is no limit to your success!

    Those at BeautyFit have developed a product line exclusive for women because they know the "secret." The secret is that women don't need a regular supplement line because there is nothing "regular" about any woman! Women are the foundation of communities and families, when you put the very best into any foundation, you get stronger and better results. That simple.

    BeautyFit thrives and grows because women are doing the same. They make products for all women because no matter your physical fitness level or body type, we are all real!

    Suggested Use

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    Due to its powerful formulation, this product should only be used on training days. Mix 1 convenient packet of BeautyStrong in 6 to 8 oz of cold water, and for the best results, you should drink 1 serving of BeautyStrong pre-exercise.

    Because timing is critical, it is best to consume it 15 minutes or less prior to exercise. Avoid in-take of protein shakes within an hour after consuming this product, as the amino acids contained in a protein shake, could compete for up-take by the muscles with the key driving muscle pumping compounds!

    BeautyFit - BeautyStrong Pre-Workout Matrix Fruit Punch - 25 Packets
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Packet
    Servings Per Container: 25
    Amount Per Serving % DV
    Folic Acid 400 mcg 100%
    Calcium (as Calcium Carbonate) 180 mg 18%
    BeautyStrong Matrix Blend 2659 mg
    CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine, L-Citruline, Caffeine Anhydrous, Beta Phenylethylamine HCl, Rhodiola (Rhodiola Rosea) Root Extract, Ginko Ginkgo Biloba) Leaf Extract, Phosphatidyl Serine, Alpha GPC (Glyceryl Phosphoryl Choline)
    † Daily Value (DV) Not Established

    Other Ingredients: Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Natural & Artificial Flavors, Acesulfame Potassium, Malic Acid, Sucralose, Silicon Dioxide, FD&C #40F.

    Contains: Soy.

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    Plantation, FL,
    Phone: 954-530-6723 Visit website

    About BeautyFit

    Our philosophy is simple: To educate, inspire & motivate women to look and feel, and be beautiful inside and out.

    Balance is the key to supporting women's health and beauty needs. This requires a wholeness of mind, body and soul. The physical beauty consists of combining healthy eating habits, positive mental attitude and regular exercise.

    BeautyFit is dedicated in providing you the knowledge and quality tested products to promote overall wellness for you and your family. Let BeautyFit help you achieve the "Be Beautiful... Be You!" way of life. Get started today on the more beautiful you!

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