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Lane Labs - Warmi Better Menopause Relief - 90 Capsules

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    Lane Labs - Warmi Better Menopause Relief - 90 Capsules

    • Code#:113394
    • Manufacturer:Lane Labs
    • Size/Form:90  Capsules
    • Packaged Ship Weight:0.25
    • Servings:90
    • Dosage Size:1  Capsule(s)

    Lane Labs Warmi Better Menopause Relief 90 Capsules

    Lane Labs Warmi Better Menopause Relief provides better menopause relief, safely and naturally. The supplement is comprised of a patent-pending blend of vegetable and fruit extracts that are 85% organic and 100% vegetarian. These extracts are rich in nutrients such as glucosinates, beta-sitosterol and hesperidin. Warmi goes beyond hot flash and night sweat relief. In a preliminary clinical trial of 122 women, Warmi also enhanced hormonal balance, mood, cardiovascular and bone health, vaginal dryness and intercourse discomfort - even overall quality of life. Many benefits were noted in just 30 days.

    Warmi is produced in Peru, and the name itself means "woman" in the ancient language of the Incas. The vegetable in Warmi was a food staple among Incan women 700 years ago. Warmi contains no hormones, soy isoflavones, black cohosh, ginseng, red clover or don quai found in other menopause products. It is comprised of extracts from a cruciferous vegetable, Lepidium meyenii, and from a citrus fruit. These are the three key nutrients in Warmi:

    • Gluconsinates are plant chemicals found in cruciferous vegetables. These are metabolized by the body as isothiocyanates, which are known for their appreciable biological benefits. Preliminary science suggests that glucosinates are inducers of cytoprotective enzymes and may promote a healthy cardiovascular system.
    • Beta-sitosterol are white, waxy plant compounds, called sterols. Research suggests that Beta-sitosterol may help maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Beta-sitosterol has demonstrated immune modulating activity in some studies. Pre-clinical reports suggest that the sterol has a weak estrogenic effect which may benefit the reproductive system.
    • Hesperidin is a citrus flavonoid for cardiovascular and healthy inflammation support. Some evidence shows that hesperidin may also help bone metabolism.

    How is Warmi unique?
    Unlike other menopause remedies, Warmi contains no hormones, soy, isoflavones, black cohosh, red clover, ginseng, evening primrose oil or dong quai. Warmi’s key ingredients are extracts from a cruciferous vegetable and a citrus fruit. The vegetable extract provides glucosinates and beta-sitosterol. The fruit extract is hesperidin, a citrus flavonoid. Warmi is 100% vegetarian.

    What are the benefits of the organic ingredient?
    Warmi contains 85% organic ingredients in a vegetable capsule. Organic ingredients use no persistent pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, genetically modified organism, sewage sludge or irradiation. They also typically experience extra care in production.

    Who should take Warmi?
    Warmi is designed for women experiencing a broad range of menopause symptoms. In research, Warmi has been shown to benefit hot flashes/ night sweats, mood, hormonal balance, sexuality, cardiovascular health, bone health and quality of life. Many of these benefits were noted in just one month. While the average American woman experiences menopause at age 51, these symptoms may begin several years earlier and may last for several years after actual menopause.

    How does Warmi work?
    The exact mechanism of Warmi is not fully understood but is believed to be associated with certain estrogen receptors.

    Does Warmi affect estrogen production in the body?
    As is the case with other popular menopause supplements, Warmi appears to have only a weak estrogen effect. Warmi contains no hormones. Moreover, multiple studies on hesperidin, beta-sitosterol and glucosinates -- the key components in Warmi -- have demonstrated key preventive benefits. This preventative effect is also supported by preclinical data with Warmi, involving human breast cell lines.

    What are the directions for use?
    Take 1 capsule at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Take with a large glass of water.

    When could I see menopause benefits from taking Warmi?
    In clinical research significant benefits from taking Warmi were noted in just one month, improving over time. Your results may differ.

    What other lifestyle changes can I make to improve my menopausal health?
    Menopause experts recommends that you

    1. Quit tabacco
    2. Maintain a Body Mass Index under 25
    3. Eat fruits and veggies daily
    4. Exercise regularly and de-stress your life;
    5. Consume 1200 mg of an calcium and 1200-1700 IU of Vitamin D daily
    6. Take the recommended screening tests.
    7. Say upbeat, positive.

    Are Warmi capsules easy to take?
    Yes. Warmi capsules are the same size as those used for many herbal products and are easy to swallow. Simply take with a glass of water at meal time.

    Are there any side effects?
    Warmi is safe and well tolerated by women in clinical research. Two studies involving more than 50 women each, showed Warmi to be safe after 90 days of use, even at twice the recommended daily intake. No adverse side effects were reported in these two studies or an additional 122 patient research trial. Drowsiness and increased appetite was noted by 10-15% of patients in one study.

    Can I take Warmi with prescription Osteoporosis medications?
    In a 122 patient clinical study involving Warmi, use of osteoporosis medications was not an exclusion provision among those participating, However, it is always best to consult your doctor. 

    Can I take Warmi if I am pregnant or nursing?
    Warmi has not been tested on pregnant or nursing women. Consult a doctor first. 

    Is Warmi free of estrogen, soy, isoflavones, gluten, wheat, dairy, milk, lactose, eggs and animal products?
    Yes, and Warmi is 100% vegetarian.

    A study of 122 menopausal women found that Warmi significantly benefited hot flashes, night sweats, mood, hormonal balance, bone health, cardiovascular, and quality of life. The same stufy of 122 menopausal women found that Warmi significantly benefitted fantasy, arousal, satisfaction, orgasm frequency, vaginal dryness, intercourse discomfort.


    Menopause should be a positive experience. A woman’s view on menopause is partially linked to the severity of her menopausal complications. Some women experience little to no menopausal problems. Others may need assistance. Warmi provides safe, natural, full spectrum menopause relief. 

    Warmi is a unique vegetable and fruit extract supplement. It contains 85% organic ingredients in a vegetable capsule and is 100% Vegetarian. Organic products are grown without synthetic chemicals or pesticides. They are not exposed to irradiation or sewage sludge. Warmi contains no estrogen, no soy, no isoflavones and is vegetarian. It is also free of sugar, lactose, gluten, milk, eggs, wheat and animal ingredients. It may be ideal for those with certain food allergies or sensitive systems.

    Menopause is generally defined as a woman’s final menstrual period. It marks the end of fertility. The average age of menopause among American women is 51. Smokers may experience menopause up to 2 years earlier than their non-smoking counterparts. Perimenopause occurs typically 6 years or more prior to menopause, as estrogen levels in the body begin to decline. At perimenopause, many women begin noticing physical changes. These can include irregular periods, vaginal dryness and sleeping difficulty. Premature menopause is natural menopause at or about age 40. It is thought to be a genetic condition or can be caused by certain medical procedures. Postmenopause represents the years after menopause. Due to increased life expectancy, a woman may spend one-third or more of her life postmenopausally. Research suggests that postmenopausal women are more confident, empowered and energized. It can be an exciting phase of life.

    Despite the drop in hormonal production in the ovaries as midlife approaches, many women experience little physical changes with menopause. Among the most notable are irregular menstrual periods. Other women may encounter a variety of change, including hot flashes, night sweats, poor sleep, mood swings and diminished sexual intimacy. These changes may be a result of menopause, aging or both. These changes are natural and perfectly normal.

    Experts believe the most common menopausal change involve vasomotor activity. Vasomotor relates to the nerves and muscles that cause the blood vessels to constrict or dilate. The most common vasomotor symptom is hot flashes (also called “hot flushes”), which can cause red flushing around the face and neck, sweating and eventually a cold chill. Experts believe nearly 70% of women during perimenopause or menopause experience hot flashes, These symptoms can last for several years and may contribute to poor sleep patterns, stress and irritability. The good news is that hot flashes generally stop on their own over time, typically in 3-5 years.

    While mood changes are commonly reported among menopausal women, research has not found a clear link between menopausal hormone changes and mood. Experts believe mood swings may result from sleep deprivation or changing hormone patterns. Sexual intimacy and feelings are a natural part of life. Many women remain sexually active during menopause, although sexual desire generally declines with age. A loss in desire during menopause may be the result of inadequate sleep, mood and physical changes, such as vaginal dryness.

    While menopause may trigger important changes in heart and bone activity, your health may be impacted most by the onset of middle age. Fortunately, menopause provides a benchmark and opportunity to revisit your wellness activities.

    Experts suggest that any wellness plan begins with regular doctor visits and checkups. Develop a long-term schedule for mammograms, bone density screens and Pap tests, among others. Your doctor also may suggest positive lifestyle changes, including exercise, diet, weight management and stress reduction. While “an exercise routine” may sound unappealing to some, it offers benefits to variety of mid-life complaints. These include poor sleep, weight gain and negative thoughts (thanks to the production of feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins).

    Proper exercise does not mean you have to run a marathon. There are three types of exercise – aerobic, weight-bearing and flexibility – and a variety of ways to engage in all three. These include brisk walks, dancing, tennis, gardening, aerobics, weight training, pilates and yoga. Small exercise “moments” can add up. Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Or park the car at the end the parking lot – or better yet, walk to the store.

    For better or worse, you are what you eat. Many experts consider daily healthy diet essentials to include fruits and vegetables and sufficient water intake. While it may be difficult to totally give-up sweets, flavored drinks or fast foods, following the “everything in moderation” approach to eating can balance their role in your overall diet. To avoid weight gain, find a balance between exercise and food consumption. Women at mid-life may gain 2 or more pounds yearly due to a slowing metabolism. The most dangerous weight gain for heart health is the waistline and stomach. That said – don’t over-diet or over-exercise. Underweight individuals may be at greater risk of serious bone loss.

    Finally, reduce stress whenever possible. Exercise, massage and mediation –even a warm bath -- can help. Women need to put themselves first, perhaps for the first time in their lives.

    About Lane Labs
    Medical Centers continue to conduct studies that prove the health benefits of natural compounds and some of the most exciting findings involve products from LaneLabs.

    Because of their reputation as a innovator in the natural health industry, LaneLabs and its products have often been featured in magazine articles and television reports. What makes these products so exceptional? Each one employs breakthrough technology or formulations to unlock the compound's full potency and purity. Many have been subjected to carefully controlled studies.

    They are proud to offer innovative products that outperform their competition, both natural and synthetic. Noted researchers around the world have consistently hailed LaneLabs' products as natural breakthroughs. LaneLabs sources technologies from around the globe, from North America to Australia, Japan to Malaysia to Latin America.

    Cutting edge research, breakthrough natural products, plus a genuine commitment to customer education are the hallmarks of the LaneLabs family.

    Suggested Use

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    For best results, take 1 capsule at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. Significant benefit has been noted in 1 month, improving over time.

    Consult a physician of you are pregnant or nursing. Store in a cool, dry place. Keep out of reach of children.

    Lane Labs Warmi Better Menopause Relief 90 Capsule
    Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Capsule
    Servings Per Container: 90
    Amount Per Serving %DV
    Proprietary Blend (Organic Lepidium meyenii Root Extract, Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone) 510 mg *
    *Daily Value Not Established.
    †Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. Your diet values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.
    Other Ingredients: Vegetable Capsule, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate and Silicone Dioxide.
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    About Lane Labs

    Lane Labs is proud to offer innovative products that outperform the competition, both natural and synthetic. Noted researchers around the world have consistently hailed Lane Labs' products as natural breakthroughs. Lane Labs sources technologies from around the globe, from North America to Australia, Japan to Malaysia to Latin America. The company’s collective mission is simple: To Identify and Produce Advanced Natural Compounds Whose Efficacy is Supported by Rigorous Science. Lane labs dedicates up to 10% of sales each year to product research and development. Cutting edge research, breakthrough natural products, plus a genuine commitment to customer education are the hallmarks of the Lane Labs family.

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