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Cartilade - Pure Shark Cartilage - 90 Capsules

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Cartilade - Pure Shark Cartilage - 90 Capsules

  • Code#:103558
  • Manufacturer:Cartilade
  • Size/Form:90  Capsules
  • Packaged Ship Weight:0.30
  • Servings:15
  • Dosage Size:6  Capsule(s)

Cartilade Pure Shark Cartilage - 90 Capsules

Cartilade Pure Shark Cartilage is 100% pure shark cartilage processed in a totally new way. Cartilade is the benchmark. The purveyance of shark cartilage by other companies to date has been undertaken almost universally using research and development information that has been obtained by Cartilade. Consider the Cartilade advantage to conventionally processed shark cartilage:

  • The most potent shark cartilage with 30% more cartilage protein, gram for gram
  • Fresh, clean taste and smell
  • Full potency maintained. Nothing that harms the delicate integrity of shark cartilage protein is used on Cartilade. No strong chemicals, bleaches, enzymes in processing or excessive heat, radiation, or ethylene oxide for sterilization.

Cartilade is not just 100% pure, 100% active. It is also a natural source of glucosamine-like compounds, chondroitins, calcium, antiangiogenic proteins and collagen. Cartilade is the only shark cartilage product that has been demonstrated as safe and effective with more than seven years of clinical research and consumer acceptance. Cartilade opened the door to the category of shark cartilage as a dietary supplement - many other brands of shark cartilage are mimics or they are inferior in composition.

New research regarding Cartilade shows that it has been proven to be the superior brand of cartilage powder as demonstrated by in vitro assay. Cartilade has been demonstrated to be completely safe when used as directed and over 500 million doses have been used worldwide. Cartilade is appropriate for adults and children over 12 years of age.

In addition to glycosaminoglycans, proteins such as collagen and elastin, Cartilade inhibits the enzymatic activity of MMP. MMPs represent a special class of catabolic enzymes that target and cleave fibrous proteins of the extracellular matrix. Cartilade supports the delicate balance of the destruction activity of connective tissues by MMP enzymes and the reconstruction of the same tissues.

Shark Cartilage, in the true sense of the term, is just that -- cartilage tissue from a shark. Cartilage, a translucent elastic tissue, composes most of the skeleton of embryonic and very young vertebrates and, through a process of calcification, is transformed into bones which make up the fully developed skeletal system.

You're probably most familiar with cartilage as the "tough stuff" you don't want in your meat. You most likely refer to it as "gristle." Cartilage is apparent in the human body, as your nose and "Adam's apple." Cartilage is also found between the segments of the spine and at the ends of long bones, where it acts as a shock absorber and a bearing surface to reduce the friction between moving parts. It is tough and elastic. There are three types.

  1. Fibrocartilage, the first type, is found between the backbones. It is the strongest of the three types.
  2. The second, hyaline cartilage, is gristly elastic tissue that thinly covers the moving ends of bones, connects the ribs to the breastbone, and supports the nose, windpipe, and part of the voice box. This type of cartilage is likely to harden in elderly people.
  3. Yellow cartilage, the third variety, is the most elastic. It is found in the external ear, Eustachian tube, and throat.

One of the most interesting things about cartilage, however, is not its form but its importance to the body--an importance that is first apparent in the embryo. In an early fetus, there are no bones; it is cartilage that provides the framework on which the major bones of the body--excluding the skull--take form. Eventually, fetal cartilage becomes impregnated with calcium salts so that hard, or "stony," bones become apparent.

The bones of children are relatively pliable because they contain more cartilage--which is found at the tops of bones in zones called growth plates--and less calcium salts than do the bones of adults. (A theory has been postulated that newborn children are resistant to many diseases because of the large amount of cartilage present in their bodies during the early fetal and developmental stages.) Elderly people have much less soft tissue such as cartilage and a higher proportion of calcium salts, so their bones are more brittle.

A process similar to the one in which fetal cartilage develops into bone takes place throughout life whenever bones are broken. It is believed that when a bone breaks, a substance within the bone signals cells from the circulatory system to clean out the breakage site and summon undifferentiated cells to populate the site and multiply. These undifferentiated cells become chondrocytes, or cartilage cells, which produce an intertwining of cartilaginous fibers that fills the break and joins the bone fragments together. Finally, the cartilage is calcified and becomes new living bone.

Cartilade typically contains 12% chondroitin, Type II collagen, 35% protein and 50% minerals essential for connective tissue synthesis. More importantly, Cartilade exhibits the highest activity of MMP inhibition, or the highest inhibition of catabolic activity of the connective tissues and joints. It is the only shark cartilage brand with this proven activity.

  • Cartilade™ is 100% pure dried shark cartilage with no additives.
  • Contains Calcium and Phosphorus in the ideal 2:1 ratio
  • Glucosamine-like compounds, and Type II collagen
  • 12% Chondroitin
  • Inhibits MMP-2 (gelatinase) enzymatic activity
  • Contains chondroitin, glycosaminoglycans and other essential nutrients for joint health

Role of Angiogenesis in Psoriasis
Chronic inflammation of the tissue underlying the epidermis in psoriatic skin creates a strong angiogenic signal. Several studies have shown a high detectable blood flow in the psoriatic plaques. The inducing factors for new blood vessels depends, among other things, on many angiogenic growth factors. These are present in psoriatic patches and produced by keratinocytes.

This supports observations that the psoriasis initiating factor resides in the keratinocyte and that a significant vascular proliferation is required to cause hyperplasia of the epidermis. Hence, inhibiting neovascularization would be an indirect means of counteracting psoriatic plaque formation. Shark cartilage, a angiogenesis inhibitor is currently being studied as potential therapy for psoriasis.

More than six million people suffer from psoriasis in North America. Up to 250,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. The overall cost of treating psoriasis in the United States is about $3 billion to $5 billion per year. Current systemic treatments for psoriasis have significant side effects. The most used treatments for psoriasis are topical applications. Current treatments include keratolytic agents, corticosteroids, tar (especially coal tar), vitamin D3 derivatives, anthralin and topical antimitotic agents. These treatments, however, are often messy, have an unpleasant odor, and are repetitive and tedious for patients.

More practical systemic treatments are riskier due to potential side effects. The most common is the antimitotic agent, methotrexate. Other treatments are PUVA and UVBs. Some combination of phototherapy and another antipsoriatic agent can be used. All of these treatments have side effects of varying significance. Using antiangiogenic agents to treat psoriasis is a relatively new approach.

Suggested Use

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As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules before meals 3 times a day, or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Cartilade may not be suitable for: Individuals who are allergic to fish (shark), pregnant or nursing women, individuals who have recently had a heart attack, children under twelve years of age. Keep in a cool, dry place. Do not use if security seal is broken or missing.

Amount Per Serving %DV*
Calories 10
Total Fat .06 g 1%
Total Carbohydrates .03 g <1%
Protein 1.6 g 3%
Calcium 680 mg 68%
Sodium 39 mg 2%
*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.

Other Ingredients: Gelatin (capsule)
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