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  • sports nutrition > Energy Gels GU Energy - Energy Gels - gu energy gel 20mg caffeine chocolate outrage - 1.10 oz.

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    The world’s first energy gel is still the most efficient source of premium fuel available to athletes today The original idea behind GU was to find the quickest way to deliver an appropriate amount of calories to an athlete during competition without upsetting his or her stomach Since then the formula has been tweaked and upgraded to take advantage of feedback from GU’s elite athletes and the latest ... more
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  • Sports Nutrition > Energy Gels GU Energy - Energy Gels - roctane ultra endurance energy gel 2x caffeine chocolate raspberry - 1.10 oz.

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    Roctane's Amino Acid Blend Your Muscles Never Had It So GoodBy increasing the amounts and relative ratios of the following key ingredients found in regular GU and adding OKG we created Roctane's revolutionary blend GU know Roctane works Since 2001 we've used it as a nutritional research tool with in-house and elite athletes This has allowed us to take new research and ideas and test them in competition ... more
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