Skin Lubricant

  • sexual health > Personal Lubricants Life-Flo - Personal Lubricants - lubri-care personal lubricant - 10

    Item #: 55863
    MSRP: $13.29 Price $8.67 You Save 53%
    LifeFlo Lubri-Care personal lubricant is 100% hormone free an immediate soothing effect with natural lasting relief Vaginal dryness resulting in intching burning irritation and painful sexual intercourse is a common problem affecting adult women of all ages LubriCare was physician-developel and scientifically formulated providing safe immediate relief and lasting comfort by restoring vaginal moisture ... more
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  • sexual health > Personal Lubricants Emerita - Personal Lubricants - oh warming lubricant - 2 oz.

    Item #: 61455
    MSRP: $10.39 Price $9.35 You Save 11%
    This little bottle of Emerita OH Warming Lubricant is very powerful stuff part empowerment tool part E-ticket ride friendly conversation-starter even When you buy Emerita Products you're standing in solidarity with thousands of women who all want the same thing their own thing thank you Emerita e-MER-ita) stands for real women everywhere Paraben-Free Enhances Sexual Intimacy Latex-Friendly About EmeritaEmerita ... more
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  • sexual health > personal lubricants Emerita - personal lubricants - feminine personal moisturizer with calendula - 4 oz.

    Item #: 61456
    MSRP: $17.49 Price $13.12 You Save 33%
    Emerita Feminine Personal Moisturizer is specially formulated by women for women to provide comfort and help restore delicate vaginal balance during perimenopause and menopause Emerita Feminine Personal Moisturizer contains Vitamin E Aloe Vera Gel Chamomile and Calendula which heal vaginal tissues that can be disrupted by vaginal dryness They have superior soothing and moisturizing properties giving ... more
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  • Sexual Health > Personal Lubricants Emerita - Personal Lubricants - personal moisturizer with aloe & vitamin e - 2 oz.

    Item #: 61488
    MSRP: $10.39 Price $9.35 You Save 11%
    Emerita Personal Moisturizer with Aloe Vitamin E is a moisturizer formulated for perimenopause and menopause If you're one of the many women who experience sexual discomfort due to decreased hormones during perimenopause or menopause relief is here Emerita Personal Moisturizer with Aloe Vitamin E is formulated specifically for women in perimenopause and menopause Emerita Personal Moisturizer with ... more
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  • Sexual Health > Personal Lubricants Medicine Mama's - Personal Lubricants - v magic intimate wellness cream - 2 oz.

    Item #: 120213
    MSRP: $24.99 Price $21.23 You Save 17%
    The hive products work best when they are delivered in an oil helping them absorb into the skin Their favorite is organic OLIVE OIL a powerful source of moisture and nutrients Medicine Mama's StoryPeople have always climbed to unimaginable heights to bring good medicine home to their families She was not content with the organic skin care remedies in the market so she set out on a journey to craft ... more
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  • Personal Care > Razors Personna - twin blade plus disposable razors with lubricating strip - 5 Pack(s)

    Item #: 78132
    MSRP: $2.19 Price $1.38 You Save 58%
    Personna Twin Blade Plus Disposable RazorTwin Blade Plus disposable razors are designed to give you a close, comfortable shave with great control. Personna Twin Blade has a pivot head and a lubricating strip for a smooth shave. Features:Long handle for a better grip Twin blades for a close shave Lubricating strip for greater comfort Excellent quality, at an excellent value more
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  • Gift Ideas > For Lovers Aloe Life - For Lovers - personal gel lubricant - 4 oz.

    Item #: 84821
    MSRP: $11.66 Price $9.15 You Save 27%
    Aloe Life Personal Gel Lubricant 4 oz.Personal Gel Lubricant by AloeLife is a silky non staining gel that is very healing to delicate tissues and works wonderfully for menopausal women experiencing dryness or active adults The Organic Aloe Vera Calendula Allantoin Vitamins A E D and Zinc are very soothing and are very effective in restoring a natural moisture balance and do not contain strong scents ... more
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  • Personal Care > Liquid Soaps Kiss My Face - Liquid Soaps - liquid moisturizing hand soap lavender shea - 9 oz.

    Item #: 101234
    MSRP: $6.49 Price $6.17 You Save 5%
    Aloe VeraAncient Egyptians knew a thing or two They were the first to use Aloe Vera to heal wounds Today Kiss My Face knows that inside every Aloe Vera leaf is a gel rich in minerals vitamins enzymes and amino acids a natural cocktail for soothing and healing But Aloe Vera also has an amazing ability to retain and lock in skin's moisture which is undoubtedly why Cleopatra never left home without it ... more
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  • Personal Care > Bar Soaps Bee & Flower Soap - Bar Soaps - bar soap sandalwood - 4.40 oz.

    Item #: 103095
    MSRP: $2.09 Price $1.36 You Save 53%
    Prince of Peace Bee Flower Sandal Wood Bar Soap 4.4 oz.Prince of Peace now recommends you Bee and Flower Sandalwood Bar Soap made from selected materials Prince of Peace Bee Flower Sandalwood Bar Soap is infused with Sandalwood essences Prince of Peace Bee Flower Sandalwood Bar Soap gives you a delightful and lasting fragrance Prince of Peace Bee Flower Sandalwood Bar Soap posesses all the merits ... more
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  • Women's Health > Menopause Support Emerita - Menopause Support - phytoestrogen body cream with black cohosh - 2 oz.

    Item #: 61489
    MSRP: $22.59 Price $13.99 You Save 61%
    You've probably been hearing a lot about phytoestrogens lately Research shows that these plant compounds help to balance and stabilize the female system Emerita Phytoestrogen Body Cream with Black Cohosh is a unique product which does not contain estrogen Emerita Phytoestrogen Body Cream includes the phytoestrogens Dong Quai Licorice Chaste Tree Berry Black Cohosh and Red Clover Vitamin E is included ... more
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  • Baby & Child Health > Bubble Baths Kiss My Face - Bubble Baths - kids bubble wash orange u smart - 12 oz.

    Item #: 72646
    MSRP: $9.99 Price $6.82 You Save 46%
    Green Tea Extract soothing anti-oxidant and anti-inflamatory Natural Essential Oil Blend aromatic scent kids love Kiss My Face believes that nature creates the best ingredients Kiss My Face believes that it's their job to combine these natural and organic ingredients in body care formulations that are potent and effective to make you look good and feel good Kiss My Face strives to bring you the best ... more
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  • Men's Health > Mens Grooming Herban Cowboy - Mens Grooming - natural grooming shave soap dusk - 2.90 oz.

    Item #: 103996
    MSRP: $4.99 Price $3.49 You Save 42%
    Herban Cowboy Natural Grooming Dusk Shave Soap For a traditional cowboy close shave try Herban Cowboy's milled shave soap made with certified organic palm and coconut oils Used with the matching shaving brush and mug shaving becomes a fun experience Skin conditioning seaweed deep cleansing pumice and deodorizing black walnut in an organic vegetable oil base with our signature dusk scent Free of dyes ... more
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  • Personal Care > Ointments & Salves Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas - Ointments & Salves - complete tissue & bone ointment - 4 oz.

    Item #: 107546
    Dr Christopher's Complete Tissue Bone is a bone flesh and cartilage combination that does wonders in restoring flesh and internal healing of bones and cartilage It can be taken in several different forms including an ointment and a massage oil Complete Bone And Tissue has done miraculous things with broken backs legs and hips This formula has been used on curvature of the spine polio multiple sclerosis ... more
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  • Herbs > Comfrey Dr. Christopher's Original Formulas - comfrey ointment - 2 oz.

    Item #: 121731
    Dr Christopher's Original Formulas Comfrey Ointment aids in healing wounds bruises varicose veins ulcers boils inflammation sprains etc The traditional therapeutic actions of comfrey include demulcent soothes mucous membranes) cell proliferant pectoral relieves disorders of the chest and lung) astringent nutritive tonic expectorant hemostatic alterative promotes a beneficial change in the body) vulnerary ... more
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