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  • Personal Care > Shower Gels Avalon Organics - Shower Gels - bath & shower gel lemon - 12 oz.

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    Avalon Organics Lemon Bath Shower Gel contains Lemon Essential Oil Vitamin E Aloe and gentle botanical cleansers that purify and refresh normal to dry skin Rebalance and refresh with Avalon Organics Lemon Bath Shower Gel Avalon Organics Lemon Bath Shower Gel is infused with nourishing botanicals and gentle cleansers to purify and replenish the skin while the invigorating aroma of organically grown ... more
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  • Personal Care > Liquid Soaps Mrs. Meyer's - Liquid Soaps - clean day liquid hand soap lemon verbena - 12.50 oz.

    Item #: 77087
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    Their ProductsSmells GreatGarden-inspired scents provide an aromatherapeutic experience while you clean They use a combination of natural essential oils and safe synthetic ingredients in their fragrance compositions This allows for the most pleasing scents that you'll want to use again and again Works GreatTheir products provide an effective alternative for people who are concerned about the environmental ... more
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  • Personal Care > Shea Butters Out Of Africa - Shea Butters - shea butter body wash lemon verbena - 9 oz.

    Item #: 84309
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    What sets shea butter apart from other seed oils is its exceptionally large healing fraction This refers to the percentage of the important nutrients vitamins A E and F and other valuable phytonutrients that foster healing Depending on the source the healing fraction of shea butter ranges from 5 to 17 The larger the healing fraction the better) By comparison the healing fraction of other seeds oils ... more
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  • Gift Ideas > Stocking Stuffers EO Products - Stocking Stuffers - hand sanitizing gel travel size lemon - 2 oz.

    Item #: 60805
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    EO Products Hand Sanitizing Gel Lemon sanitizes and moisturizes with 62% organic alcohol The organic way to clean your hands and stay healthy Picture this there were two hands and zillions of germs Each hand busy doing all of the things of the day and zillions of germs trying to stay involved in whatever is going on Using EO hand sanitizer keeps both hands refreshed healthy and clean while keeping ... more
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