Pet Supplies Dog Treats by Beefeaters

  • Pet Care > Dog Treats Beefeaters - sweet potato fries dog treats - 6 oz.

    Item #: 110532
    MSRP: $5.76 Price $3.98 You Save 44%
    Beefeaters Sweet Potato Fries Dog Treats manufactured by Petrapport are all-natural snacks for dogs Rich in Betacarotene and Vitamin A sweet potatoes have been a staple in the human diet since prehistoric times .and it's high time your pet enjoyed them too They are rich in antioxidants and packed with all the goodness of calcium potassium and vitamins A B6 and C Dogs love their sweet taste Like all ... more
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  • Pet Care > Rawhide Beefeaters - Rawhide - chicken tops rolls dog treats - 5 Pack

    Item #: 110549
    MSRP: $10.14 Price $6.19 You Save 63%
    Beefeaters Chicken Tops Rolls Dog Treats manufactured by Petrapport are delicious rawhide dog treats Chicken Tops are a 2-in-1 treat baked-to-perfection crunchy chicken on the outside and low-fat teeth-cleaning rawhide on the inside Chicken Tops are made with high-quality rawhide with natural chicken to satisfy your dog's natural craving to chew The Chicken gives your dog a tasty natural treat while ... more
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  • Pet Care > Rawhide Beefeaters - natural rawhide twists - 75 Pack

    Item #: 110543
    MSRP: $22.60 Price $12.99 You Save 73%
    Beefeaters Nautral Rawhide Twists manufactured by Petrapport consist of 100% natural ingredients Every dog is sure to find a favorite Compressed Beefhide treat Beefeaters Compressed Beefhide treats are as delicious as they are long-lasting Beefeaters' secret they're made from 100% natural rawhide strips never scraps They are the preferred choice of power chewers or dogs prone to anxiety or boredom ... more
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