Personal Cleansing Bar Soaps Peppermint

  • personal care > Castile Soaps Dr. Bronners - Castile Soaps - magic pure-castile bar soap peppermint - 5 oz.

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    The soaps are all natural biodegradable and environmentally friendly the company points out Even the bottles are made of 100% post-consumer-recycled plastic The company employs 58 workers in California according to the company About Dr Bronner's Dr Bronner's Magic Soaps are synonymous with Old-World quality and time-honored simplicity which can be traced back to the family's German-Jewish soapmaking ... more
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  • Personal Care > Bar Soaps Pura Botanica - Bar Soaps - cleansing bar peppermint leaf - 4.35 oz.

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    Pura Botanica Cleansing Bar Peppermint Leaf refreshes and invigorates with the fresh scent of summer grasses blended with mint and menthol This beauty bar ever-so-gently lifts away impurities replenishing skin's balance and leaving a light protective moisturizing barrier Pura Botanica started with a mission Founder Christy Booth a passionate world traveler sought to amalgamate the secrets and delights ... more
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  • Personal Care > Bar Soaps Seventh Generation - Bar Soaps - bar soap cleansing peppermint - 4.20 oz.

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    Seventh Generation Bar Soap Cleansing Peppermint is proof that not all bar soaps are created equal You can almost feel your skin sigh with pleasure as the rich creamy lather rinses away dirt and impurities Seventh Generation 100% plant-based formula gently cleanses your skin with everything it needs and nothing it doesn't What does the RSPO Certified Sustainable Palm Oil seal mean A product bearing ... more
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